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    2 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    2 / 2 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    This series continues to deliver

    Bountiful features an overlap of two of Miss Bowen’s current series when Zara, a Vermont native and True North character, falls for a hockey player from the Brooklyn Bruisers while he's on a summer vacation in Vermont. Though the book features characters from both series, this is a standalone and readers need not be familiar with either series to follow along and enjoy Zara and Dave’s story. I really loved these characters and couldn’t help but fall for Dave’s easy demeanor. I also really enjoyed the surprise baby plotline. It didn’t feel awkward or secretive, but rather made for an interesting storyline that gave Zara and Dave a second chance at a lasting relationship. There was a nice balance of angst and emotion driving the plot without it ever feeling overblown or dramatized, making for a wonderful story that was easy to get lost in. I had to admire Zara’s strength and really enjoyed watching these two navigate their shot at love. Miss Bowen has a true gift with pacing that was readily apparent in Bountiful. The book begins by going back to tell of Zara and Dave’s initial encounter two summers ago. Although there was enough detail to flush out the characters and build a chemistry that carries into the present, the pace never lingered so long as to lose my interest. I was also struck by the secondary characters. Because Miss Bowen was pulling from two series, there were previous characters and couples as well as a host of new characters. And as much as I was really enjoying Dave and Zara’s romance, these new characters definitely grabbed my attention and left me eager to see if we’ll eventually get a bit more about them in the future. There’s a reason every book in the True North series finds its way onto my physical bookshelf as well as my e-reader…and it’s not just because of the gorgeous covers. This series boasts incredible stories that alight a hundred different emotions in me. Bountiful was more of the same- an emotional, sweet story with wonderful characters and stellar writing that was next to impossible to set down. *Reviewed for Alpha Book Club*
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    0 / 0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    Loved it

    Yes, I did. It’s 4.52 am and I simply couldn’t put the book down. It was a pleasure to read Zara’s story, and see how the unhappy girl in Bittersweet grew into a woman who earned her happy ending.
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    4.5☆ I adored Bountiful from the very beginning! I loved seeing the evolution of Dave and Zara as individuals and as a couple and family. This story is such a journey of who they are becoming now and how different their life is with Nicole. Dave is adorable and I loved being in his head especially. I was super sucked in and didn't want to put it down! It is possibly my favorite in the series, I loved it!
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    0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    Bountiful was a captivating, emotional, sweet love

    Bountiful is the fourth book in the True North and it can be read as a standalone. Zara is an independent woman, running her uncle’s bar, she’s a tough bartender trying to get over her ex and, well, a eye candy green eyed hottie doesn’t go unnoticed at her bar. She has watched Dave watching her and she can’t resist him after a particularly rough night. But she has no doubt that his grin means… trouble. Dave is a hot cocky hockey player, he’s spending a few weeks in Vermont and the hot bartender with an exotic name definitely caught his eye. Dave knows he isn’t relationship material, so he’s hoping to have a few fun nights with Zara but she’s not exactly what he’s expecting since she lays the rules even before him: no life stories, no strings attached. But sometimes life happens. Literally. I absolutely loved Zara! She was strong, feisty, independent but she knew she needed help as a single mom and the way her family supported her was so heart warming. She was a great mom, an awesome friend and it was amazing to see how she changed after becoming a mom. Dave was a sweetheart, I loved how unsure he was around his daughter at first and how he gradually fell in love with her, their moments together were so sweet! I really liked the way Zara and Dave were absolutely perfect for each other, how they slowly opened up to each other and how they were falling in love without realizing it. Bountiful was a captivating, emotional, sweet love story with steamy moments and with an utterly perfect ending. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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