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    Enchanted Book Nook Review

    My Review: In this third installment of the Asylum series, Dan, Jordan, and Abby are taking a road trip to New Orleans before everyone goes off to college. But with Dan's past, nothing ever goes as planned, and before the trio now, they are elbow deep in a new mystery surrounding Dan and his parents, Micah and a host of new characters. I love this series, there's always mystery when it comes to Dan and his past, and that past keeps popping up no matter where he is. This series always takes readers for some loops, however, for me personally, the loops in the book seem to confuse me, having me ask more questions than I got answers. There is a book out called Scarlets that I have yet to read, and is supposed to talk about events taking place before the series. While you do not have to read that book to read the Asylum series, I wonder if that would help me understand of how the cult and Dan are related, unless he and his friends just happened to stumble across it at NHC. The same is true with Felix and Professor Ryes. They both appeared to be completely nuts, and after their fates, you don't hear too much about them, just a mention here and there. I would think those characters who cause major havoc in the first two books, would some how be related to all this. Finally, Warden Crawford, yet again, a character that has a big part in one of the books, and then all of a sudden you only get a few mentions here and there. I understand each book is a new adventure and mystery for Dan and his friends, but I would think the book would address some of those stories in this book. The only real follow up we get is Micah. Despite my personal irritants thinking all of this has to fit together somehow, I did enjoy this book. Set in New Orleans, with a ton of conspiracy and freaky moments, you have a great book to get into a spooky state of mind. The last few chapters of the book are, in my opinion, the best out of the whole book. Even though they are short, they are kind of mind blowing. Positive Elements: It may seem that Dan is in a very bad place, with everything that has been going on since they arrived in New Orleans, even he and his friends getting into a major fight. Despite all that, Abby and Jordan still look out for Dan, and come to his aid when he needs them the most. Negative Elements: Like the first two books, this one does include some underage drinking, and swear words. The worst swear you hear is the F-Word, which is used only once, s**t a hand full of times, and then the words that you typically hear on television. Spiritual Elements: God's name is misused throughout the book. Other Thoughts: I'm hoping there is another book on the way to follow up on some of my unanswered questions.
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    The third in the Asylum series did not disappoint. Along with their dangetous exploits, Dan learns an important lesson about family, and friendship. The old pictures are used to tell another visual part to the story. The whole series is well worth reading, though the genre is young adult, don't let that fool anyone, this book could appeal to any age.

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