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    I have had the chance to read a few books similar to this one, where the reality of poverty and the life an individual is born into becomes heartbreakingly real. I admit that these books break my heart, cause sleepless nights, and render tears. However, it is the reality in the words written and the fact that this could happen — does happen — makes its message all the more powerful. It can break a human’s spirit, but it can also give birth to the person who could change it. I’ll admit, honestly, that this isn’t my first choice of book to read, mainly because it’s the type of book you never get over and you never forget. Unlike some books where I could read them a thousand times, it’s books like this one where I can read it once, be changed forever, and never touch it again. The plot of the story was interesting to read, mainly because it took two main characters from two very different backgrounds and highlighted the horrors and difficulties in both of these characters lives. The writing maintained an objective position throughout the story, never discounting one character’s experiences against that of another. It really showed that everyone’s view of hardship is different and the definition is hard to grasp because it needs to be taken on a case by case basis. That is what this novel did, and what this author masterfully executed. One of the main characters is Grace, who is by all standards living a perfect life. It is expected that because she comes from money, she really has nothing bad that could happen to her. However, this all changes when a group of girls decide to play a malicious prank on her and put her in a vulnerable position. Suddenly all of her parents’ wealth could not help her from spiraling into a place that no one should ever find themselves in. She watches as people who hardly know her take pleasure in shredding every ounce of her self-esteem. She reads the harsh words they say about her and feels like there is no turning back. Throughout the novel, she dances along the fine line of being a stable individual and teetering towards self-destruction. While I won’t spoil anything about what happens to her, I think she highlights both the privileges and the disadvantages to wealth, and how no one is safe from being damaged. The second character is Noor, a young girl caught in the web of sex work and brothels. While for the majority of the novel she is to young to be enlisted in the harsh work, she witnesses as those she loves are brutalized by strangers and knows that her future will be the same. It is like a dagger hanging over her head throughout the novel as she struggles with the fact that she wants to escape but could never leave her family behind. For her, the devastating and horrific circumstances are almost normalized in her narrative because she has known nothing else. It is a distinct contrast from Grace, who has never had to experience devastation like this. Noor handles her life with a tranquility that I doubt I would be able to maintain in such a place. She is the mother figure and the protector. She values her family above all else, and her honor is the only thing she has to keep her alive. Together, these two characters create a beautiful patchwork that highlights the damage that circumstance can cause. Together, these two characters heal the damage left by the horrors they face. The book was eye opening and beautiful.

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