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    fantastic romance

    Lady Olivia and the Infamous Rake is book one in the Beauchamp Heirs series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lady Olivia Beauchamp is a spoiled and manipulative brat. She spends most of her time stirring up trouble to gain her family’s attention. When she meets Lord Hugo Alastair, she is infatuated with his rakish personality. But their union is an impossibility. How could a Duke’s daughter marry a known rake of the Ton? Preston spins a tale of wonder, heartbreak and love. Looking forward to the next Beauchamp Heirs tale.
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    Absolutely fabulous beginning to this series!

    Lady Olivia and the Infamous Rake is first in a new series The Beauchamp Heirs by author Janice Preston. This series will focus on the Duke of Cheriton's three children by his first marriage. We've met all three siblings in the previous series The Beauchamp Betrothals which focused on their father, uncle and aunt. I've been looking forward to Olivia's story since we first met her in the previous series. She's the youngest of the Beauchamp children and the only daughter. Olivia is young being just 18 and in some of her actions her age shows. In the previous books Olivia is know for getting into mischief. But in this book we see she also has a vulnerable, insecure side with a big heart and you honestly can't help but fall in love with her. Lord Hugo Alastair is our hero. Hugo is a well know rake among the ton, but in the last year or so he has been changing his ways. Coming from a home with an abusive father Hugo also has his vulnerabilities and insecurities and doesn't feel he's good enough for a duke's daughter. I absolutely loved Hugo's interactions with Leo, the Duke of Cheriton and the proposal was fantastic! This was a fabulous beginning to this new series and a wonderful addition to the entire Beauchamp family of stories. This story like all the previous stories in the two Beauchamp Series flows well and has extremely entertaining characters. I love how we get to see characters from previous books and can't wait for Alex and Dominic's stories! I would highly recommend any of Janice Preston's books and absolutely loved this one!
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    Wonderful beginning of a new series!

    Lady Olivia Beauchamp had managed to trick her brother Alex into taking her to the Vauxhall Gardens, and if her father heard about it, who knows what would happen, but thankfully the Duke of Cheriton was momentarily absent. So Olivia, masked and incognito, along with Alex and his friend Neville, is out for a little excitement. However, Alex fails her, and Olivia gets herself in a troubling pickle. Things could have been much worse were it not for the intervention of the infamous Lord Hugo Alastair. But what kind of a rake rescues “The Catch of the Season” without asking for anything in return, not even a kiss? The most wonderful rake I have ever read about, that is! What a perfectly splendid hero Janice Preston has crafted for our pleasure in LADY OLIVIA AND THE INFAMOUS RAKE! And yes, Hugo certainly was a rake, but with a conscience, and circumstances force him to have a look at his life. Those of us who were already acquainted with the Beauchamps from Ms. Preston’s previous books knew it was only a matter of time before Olivia would get into trouble. And rest assured, newcomers, that OIivia’s persona was not modified the slightest for storyline purposes, and this book stands perfectly on its own. I love that Ms. Preston remains faithful to her characters: Alex’s behaviour is explained, and if Cheriton is as daunting as ever, we now better understand his attitude. Oh Olivia! The impetuous, reckless, haughty chit; she is a bit of a spoiled brat, and what painful and wondrous changes she goes through. It was inevitable that she would fall for a man like Hugo, because they are so very much alike. The difference is that, even if the ton barely acknowledges his existence, as a man, more is tolerated of him. Even Hugo grasps that the enticing Olivia’s impulsiveness must me reined in so she doesn’t accidentally ruin herself – yes, she is that irresponsible – however, her reasons for her behaviour are fascinating, and sadly understandable. Olivia’s risqué outing has so many unforeseen repercussions on several people, that I think it will define the course of the entire of the series. I had not expected The Beauchamp Heirs to be so exciting: you have a real psychological drama here, and Janice Preston has crafted an enormously intricate and multilayered story simply out of Olivia’s determination to have her way. LADY OLIVIA AND THE INFAMOUS RAKE has such marvellous characters: I adored Sir Horace – Hugo’s stepfather, for instance; what a lovely man! Ms. Preston’s prose is lovely, airy, and lyrical; the dialogues are pure delight, every character speaking in its own unique voice. There is also this tension and menace that constantly threatens -and one of the most exceptionally intriguing villains ever written - always because of Olivia’s initial foolishness, which make the romance even more captivating with sparks flying all over the place. I felt that the story started dragging a tad towards the end, mostly because of Hugo’s stubbornness, but how the whole thing was redeemed and garnered additional praise from this reviewer because of said Hugo. He does not have a sudden epiphany, he doesn’t suddenly become a gentleman because the author said so: his metamorphosis comes gradually and realistically, and he is most entertaining while doing so, and at times also quite moving. The epilogue is one of the best I have ever read, because Janice Preston did not take the titillating way out, and remained true to the spirit of the story, and confirmed Hugo’s character growth.

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