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    A fantastic new series!

    Sacred Mother Gargoyle, Rose Johnson, whom everyone thought dead at the age of four, is alive. Sentinel, Cal Levesque, protected Rose when she was a child and has suffered all these years thinking he'd failed her. Now, she's back and he won't make that mistake again. There is so much more happening in this story and I've only given you a tiny taste. Fabulous story! Gargoyles need love too. There are far too few books about these amazing creatures and Tory Michaels has written a great one. This is the first book in the Hearts of Stone series. This new series has gargoyles, witches, vampires, ghosts and a few more and they all serve a purpose in this world. I can't wait for the next book. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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    Locked in Stone

    As the last being who stands between the world and the evils of Otherworld, Rose Johnson must keep her existence a secret and to do that she will have to engage the help of her enemies - the Sentinels in this enthralling paranormal romance. Years ago, Sentinel Cal Levesque failed Rose’s family and he’s never forgave himself and the reader can’t help but get drawn into the story as Cal has a chance to make things right but his attraction to Rose is making it very difficult for him to concentrate on the task at hand. The characters are strong, bewitching and grab the reader’s attention from the very get go and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers hovering on the edge of their seat with lots of suspense, action and romance as Cal and Rose struggle with their attraction, discoveries and betrayals. Lots of excitement throughout the story as evil tries to open the doors to the Otherworld and the Sentinels and Gargoyles fight to close them and now things are even more complicated as one they thought was dead is very much alive and if their enemies finds out…well that would be very bad. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the well orchestrated events ensure that the story never has a dull moment nor can the reader put the book down until they have read every last word. The author has created a fascinating world with lots of unique and interesting elements with intriguing characters as well surprising twists that keep the readers guessing and the rules and advice from the different characters throughout the story adds a bit of depth, a bit of fun and a bit of insight into this exciting reality. I was completely enthralled from the very beginning and I cannot wait to read the next one.

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