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    A 5-Alarm Scorcher!

    4 Stars | Hot Steam As a huge (bordering on slightly obsessed) fan of Tessa Bailey’s Broke & Beautiful novels, one of the most charming and blazing hot contemporary romance series of 2015, I spent the last few months eagerly counting down the days until I could devour Abby and Russell’s story. And, to my delight, my excitement, anticipation and high expectations were blissfully answered in MAKE ME. Warmhearted, emotional and exceedingly sexy, (I’m talking insanely perfect and perfectly filthy fantasy sex, sexy), this superbly written and glittering grand finale to the series rocked my ever-loving world! Abby is a darling, sweet and surprisingly feisty heroine who sparkles and endears from the start. She’s the ideal match for hard-headed and hard-loving Russell, whose intense, intrinsic attachment and overpowering love for her feels visceral and entirely believable. That gruff and glorious man is irrevocably smitten with his beautiful Abby, and it’s absolutely heavenly to read! Every moment of every day his thoughts are fueled by a need to protect, provide, please and, sigh…, pleasure the love of his life—even if she doesn’t know it yet. And, oh my goodness, when Abby does discover Russell’s *ahem* hard and heated attraction to her, she feels it too and is so very ready to explore! (Note: You might want to cue your A/C unit to full blast at this point in their story.) And, while Russell’s indelicate, blunt and often hilarious caveman ways may cause him to stumble in his efforts to win his girl, they are standing-ovation worthy and ovulation inducing perfection in the bedroom. Rough, wild and deliciously naughty, Russell is a preternaturally gifted warrior lover who shatters and satisfies innocent and then not-so-innocent Abby every single time. Utter ecstasy! Effervescent and unforgettable, this 5-alarm scorcher is a must-read, re-read and keeper-shelf dazzler. Love this couple, love this romance, love this series! Bottom line: Read this book! Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.
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    Sexy friends to lovers story!

    This sexy story is the romance between Russell and Abby. Russell and Abby are friends but Russell has lusted after Abby for a long time. When things between them explode, it's all that he's longed for. But believing he isn't good enough for his friend, he wants to limit their connection. Can Abby convince him that she wants him just the way he is? I quite enjoyed this story. As expected, the sexy times were well written and very steamy. Russell is definitely an alpha male, but more of the grumpy variety. He did seem to be a bit one dimensional - he was a grumpy caveman from the start, usually scowling and angry over something and I would have liked him to show a bit more of a tender side when dealing with Abby, though she certainly didn't mind him the way he was. Abby is a virgin and was on the naive side, but once she and Russell connect sexually there is no going back for her. She was a smart, friendly woman and I liked her character. Those who've read previous titles in this series have been waiting for Russell and Abby to get their happy ever after. Each title can be read as a standalone and there are appearances from the other two couples in this one that fans will be delighted with. A good ending to the series. 4 stars. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review.
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    Heart-string tugging hotness

    Abby and Russell, the last two standing, out of the super group of their friends. First Louis and Roxy paired up, then Ben and Honey, and while Russell would like nothing more to be with Abby, she is oblivious, and his past clouds his present Russell and Abby are the best of friends, even though he really wants more. But then he doesn't, because he doesn't think he is good enough. It doesn't stop him from fantasizing though, because no matter the nature of his relationship with Abby, he needs, like really needs, to look after her Abby has always done what is expected of her, because any time she hasn't, she has been left alone. Fitting in isn't her thing, neither is standing out, so she hides who she is, except with Russell. Somehow, he sees her, and she can show herself to him, and he doesn't go away. In fact, he does everything he can to seek her out. One moment, one time, and Abby sees past the friends they are to something more. Trouble is, these two are not operating on the same wavelengths and misinterpret everything the other says, or does. One thing they can't deny, that they are miserable without each other. Getting past their past, accepting their current lives, and moving forward is a huge struggle They will make you cry, they will give you butterflies, and they will take your breathe away, while they figure this all out - perfection!

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