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    Military Grade Mistletoe

    I wept and I laughed while I was frightened and enamored. I loved this story, the riveting tension, the palpable fear, the deep emotions it all got to me from the very first scene and I inhaled the story, just could not get enough of Harry and Daisy and the amazing connection between them. The way Master Sergeant Harry Lockhart and English teacher Daisy Gunderson met is so endearing and unique. Daisy's class had been pen pals with the marine unit, and Daisy had been getting to know Harry via letters where they opened up their hearts to each other about their deepest fears, darkest nightmares, and faintest hopes and wishes. Finally having a chance to meet face to face, as they both are battling with challenges in their personal and professional lives, they have the chance to lean on each other, give a helping hand, and truly get to know each other in the mids of the crises, threats, nightmares, and Christmas preparations. Harry is a broken warrior, the physical wounds are healing but his soul and mind need loving care until he is fit to get back on duty. He mourns his friends who lost their lives in combat, the constant battle in his mind is wearing him down. The only light in his heart has been the letters from Daisy, making him believe he could find healing peace of mind in her presence, being surrounded by her essence. But Daisy is nothing he had imagined while reading her letters. Daisy is a sunny, caring, loving, talkative teacher who loves to bake, gives bear hugs, and adores her dogs. She has survived a tremendous ordeal in the past, and the current threats are making her nervous, bringing back frightening memories. The chemistry between Harry and Daisy is searing hot, but even more than that, they have a deep friendship. The way they look after each other, protect the other, even from themselves, is admirable. They genuinely have grown to care for each other over the time, and this new physical attraction between them is a tangible force, nothing to be ignored, making the romance between them so delicious yet very much believable. I loved how real and true to life the characters and the events were in this tale that flew off the pages and had such a smooth flow to it making it impossible to put down until the end. And at the end I wished that Harry and Daisy really were out there somewhere, as real people, doing the hard things but finding solutions, and living their best life while making each other smile every day. Get yourself a box of tissues and get comfortable, because you will want to experience this story momentarily from cover to cover with all its delightful romance, swoon-worthy moments, and the intense, daunting threats and invasions ~ Five Spoons!

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