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    A woman worth being mortal for

    I was a quarter to half way through this book before I started trying to analyze why it wasn’t appealing to me as much as I had expected it to. I knew it wasn’t because the author’s writing wasn’t great because Amanda Ashley’s writing is just that. I started looking at my own feelings as I read it and what my expectations had become when I read a paranormal romance. I came to realize that I had begun to expect a quicker pace, more action, those do or die moments and more heat. While Night’s Surrender held all of those elements, the pacing was much too slow for me and those elements just didn’t pack the same punch in this story. The story overall was more of an introspection of acceptance for both the heroine and the hero. It was more of a sweet romance than I’ve favored in some years. Abbey Marie Cordova is a twenty six year old acting student when the story begins to unfold. She is uncertain of her choices thus far in life and is on the cusp of giving up her acting career. Raised by her vampire family she is the only mortal in a group of immortal predators. While she knows she has only to speak the words and the dark gift would be hers, she has no real wish to join her family in a life of eternity. Then she meets Nick. Abbey has no clue when she meets him that he’s a vampire. Their attraction is instantaneous and she easily accepts that it’s love at first sight. Her gut tells her that Nick and her are meant to be together. Her struggle is in deciding how long that together will be… one lifetime or an eternity. Niccolo Desanto has been living the eternal life for over two thousand years and he is tired of it. By all accounts, he is one of the ancients. Life or the undead life no longer holds any appeal. Lately he has been contemplating meeting the sun or any other measure of horror it would take to end it all. His only hope is in finding his maker, Mara. He had heard the rumors that Mara had found humanity. If she could share the secret with him perhaps, he could go on. If not he prays she will help him find peace of a permit nature, after all she owes him. Nick had been turned against his will and abandoned shortly after by Mara. She owed him for the lives he had inadvertently taken in his fledgling ignorance when she left. However, all thoughts of ending it or even seeking out Mara fly out the window when he meets Abbey. She is his inspiration for the rest of eternity. He would follow her to the ends of the world and figure out a way to regain his mortality to remain at her side. He struggles to fight his nature and to accept who he is. Night’s Surrender also had some interesting secondary characters and their intertwined romantic story arcs woven throughout. In addition, there is the threat of vampire hunters. I just didn’t feel the implied threat of the hunters felt dire enough. I’m guessing this is a factor of the lack of action and the amount of time spent on the main characters struggles with wanting to be mortal or immortal. All in all the book was a 3.5 for me. Had either the action or heat been a bit more I’m sure it could have easily jumped to a 4. I would recommend Night’s Surrender to romance readers that enjoy a paranormal vampire romance of a sweeter nature. Review copy provided via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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