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    Love and Espionage!

    Lynne Connolly's Emperor's of London series is one of my favorite and most anticipated, currently being written, historical romance collections. Reading Ms. Connolly is like stepping back in time with the wealth of historical knowledge that she subtly instills throughout her books. Reckless in Pink is the fourth work in this series and continues with this author's practice of depicting intelligent and sexy mystery veiled characters. Looming danger and shadowy secrets set the tone and add to the urgency of the hero and heroine’s passion in this thrilling story of love and espionage! One thing you can always count on with this writer is a good time and a quality read! *I received this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.* *While part of a series this book can be read as a stand alone.*
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    The Emperors are back!

    The Emperors are back! And intrigue flows through this novel! Being the 4th of the series, I had prior knowledge of some of the characters in this book. I think it could be a standalone book, but I would suggest reading them all (they are really wonderful!) Dominic, Lord St. Just is a war hero and somewhat of a spy. His intrigues throw him into the path of an old friend who is escorting his sisters in their shopping. This fateful meeting will change his outlook on life for he has met a beautiful woman that intrigues him greatly! Claudia Shaw is somewhat of a harridan! She is more than happy to make mischief wherever she goes and her family knows all too well the trouble she can get herself into. She notices Dominic and is very impressed with him. Claudia somehow inherits a house from her Aunt, but the stipulations read that it is her house and no one can sell it. She is very interested to see this house! Maybe this is her chance to have something of her own. She soon realizes her mistake. She makes up an excuse to leave her brothers and go take a look at the house in question. She is not happy to find it a bawdy house of ill repute! Of course, she does not know it is until she goes inside! Now she is trapped. Hopefully, no one will recognize her! But someone does. Dominic has been watching the house. Watching for the Young Pretender! His only thought as he sees her walk in is that he needs to protect her. This was a wonderfully written well-balanced novel! I love the way Mrs. Connolly writes her scenes and dialogue! The banter between all the characters is lively and witty. The story unfolds slowly, but not too slowly, with a bit of drama. The danger the H/H face is real and unrelenting. Claudia's brothers, "The Emperors," are very protective as well and help figure out what and who is threatening Dominic and Claudia. The family aspect of this story is very heartwarming. I loved the way they all interacted with each other. All in all, a very well-rounded story that I could read over again!

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