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    Good mystery.

    I liked this mystery. I didn't guess the person who committed the murder. Missy finds another dead body. Why does this keep happening to her? As she tries to help her friend solve the murder, she is trying to keep her business open. With a dead body being found behind her shop, people are not wanting to do business with her. She won't be able to survive if she loses another customer. When talking to people that may be involved with the murder, she finds out a few surprising things. Good story.
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    I am definitely NOT mad at this hatter :)

    This is my maiden voyage into the storytelling of Sandra Bretting. I have quite enjoyed the journey of Missy DuBois while reading Someone’s Mad at the Hatter. I found Missy relatable, caring and a down-to-earth protagonist. Having started the series at book three was not a problem. There was enough back story so that I quickly got a flavour of what Missy DuBois was all about. While I said Miss was relatable and down-to-earth, she also had a bit of a quirkiness to her which I loved. Sandra Bretting has an easy to read style, which lulled me into believing I could easily figure out “whodunit’. Boy was I wrong (thankfully). I really, for some reason, was not able to connect the dots and figure out the killer until divulged by Missy. That says a lot in my books about the mystery writing capabilities of the author. Kudos. I chuckled a number of times while getting to know Missy. Seems like Missy can’t stay out of an investigation, even when she tries. Predictable, but still endearing for this character. It seems as if Missy didn’t have bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all! This murder happened right outside her business – Crowning Glory – a wedding hat boutique. The body was stuffed into Missy’s rain barrel and the murder weapon is no less than a hairpin! Could it look any worse? Well of course Missy is going to do a bit of snooping, so as to clear her name. If I was to have one “grumpy” thought about the book it was that I was not satisfied with the love interest. I felt that Ambrose for most of the book did not have the required newly dating interest in Missy. I felt WAY more chemistry between Missy and Lance. I suspect if I was to go back and read the first two books, this might help? I guess time will tell. A favourite quote: Lance to Missy when Missy brings up that she should get the details of the case: “You seem to have this freaky sixth sense when it come to people who are lying. I used to hate that about you when we were kids.” As a result of this quote – I can’t wait to go back and start the series from book one and see what I can learn about Missy, Lance and of course Ambrose. I want the back history on Missy and Lance. The supporting cast of characters in the book which were present to ostensibly muddy the pool of suspects were many; and I totally enjoyed getting to know each of them. All in all – a great, fun read. Someone’s Mad at the Hatter was a delight and I cannot wait to pick up more titles by Sandra Bretting.

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