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    I was hooked by the 5th page!

    The suspense story in this novel is a stand-alone plot line. One of the main characters does carry over from the previous books. The main characters from the earlier books in the series do make appearances and there are details of their lives that are caught up. That said you get to decide if you want to treat it as part of a “true” series or not. I absolutely love both of the main characters in this book. Their individual life stories are slowly revealed and really explain their hang-ups and doubts. They both have trouble trusting others and yet they are thrust into a situation after situation where they have to trust each other even though they have just met. Danger stalks them around every corner. They both had deep seated fears that they had to face and overcome. It was wonderful to watch their struggles and learn to trust. The plot is incredible at keeping the reader focused and turning the pages. I knew all along that something major had happened before the start of the book and I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I knew exactly what it was. Before the revelation of it there was a major shift that I wasn’t expecting. I loved it though. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
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    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    Danger, Danger!!!!

    Each book in this series gets more suspenseful but you don't have to read the other books, each book stands alone. I enjoyed Tailspin mainly because it was a different kind of book. I've come to enjoy the town of Mountain Cove in past books but this book isn't really located there although some characters from past books make an appearance. We get to meet Sylvie Masters who has been "hinted at" in previous books because she is the half-sister of the siblings in the previous books but they have never met her. Sylvie is an expert scuba diver and she knows her mother is dead from a suspicious bush plane crash into Alaskan waters so she is going to find that plane and find her mother's body. Imagine her surprise when, as she's diving, a hit man tries to kill her! She can't figure out what is going on! Thankfully, Will Peirson, a bush pilot himself, sees her from the air as he's flying by and Sylvie is running for her life as she escaped from the hit man and managed to get out of the water! Will gets her into the plane and they take off but still crash later! That's just the first chapter! This book has a LOT of action and you are constantly guessing, like the characters themselves, what is happening and who is really behind all of this! Who killed Sylvie's mother AND we find out that WILL'S mother was flying the plane that Sylvie's mother was on so she died also! Will joins Sylvie in her search to find out what happened. I enjoyed the book to the very end and would highly recommend it! If you are like me, you'll be reading it very fast!

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