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    Great story

    Great story, the storyline wasn't predictable which made it a joy to read. I love all the books by this author
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    The Curosity Shop

    A wonderful novel, by a gifted writer. I hope to be able to read many more of this author's work. Thanks for the great work offered in this novel. I hope to enjoy another book written by this writer.
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    Very enjoyable to read!

    The Curiosity Keeper is the latest book from author Sarah E. Ladd. The book is set in England in 1812. Camielle Iverness works in her father’s (James Iverness) shop called Iverness Curiosity Shop in London. It is a very cluttered and her father will not let her straighten it up. Camielle helps customers and keeps the accounts for the items sold in the store (her father keeps track of his other dealings). Camielle knows her father has other deals, but he never tells her about them. Camielle’s mother left England for Portugal nine years ago. She left to take care of her own mother who was ill, but she has never returned (and rarely writes). James keeps sending her gifts though. Camielle thinks he is trying to lure her mother back to England. James gives Camielle a puzzle box and tells her to mail it to her mother. Camielle puts it in her apron pocket. Jonathan Gilchrist is an apothecary (not a doctor) and his father’s heir since the death of his older brother, Thomas two years ago. Kettering Hall is the name of their country estate. Jonathan lives nearby in Fellsworth, Surrey. His father collects many unusual items and keeps them in a locked room at Kettering Hall. Then The Bevoy (a very large ruby reputed to bless or curse whoever possesses it) is stolen from the estate. Johnathan is charged with getting it back. He contacts Henry Darbin (was his brother Thomas’ best friend growing up) who works in a private capacity (sometimes) to solve crimes. They are staking out Iverness Curiosity Shop (they have heard that something will happen that night) when Jonathan sees Camielle being attacked. Jonathan rushes in and saves her from the attacker. He then takes Camielle back to the families London house (where his sister, Penelope is also staying). Penelope is very concerned about appearances and gossip! She knows they need to get The Bevoy back or she has no chance at marrying (since her father lost her dowry). Jonathan thinks that Camielle might know something about the stolen ruby until James Iverness throws his daughter out of the shop and their home (because she left the shop unattended after being attacked). Jonathan takes Camielle home to Kettering Hall. The two slowly get to know each other as they work out what could have happened to The Bevoy. If her father had it, what other items has he procured over the years? There is more to Iverness Curiosity Shop than Camielle ever knew. Will they be able to find the ruby in time to save Kettering Hall? Without the stone, the family will not be able to keep the estate (their father has spent all their money) nor is it likely that Penelope’s fiancé will marry her (she might be flighty, but she deserves better). Will there be a happy ending for all of the people involved especially for Jonathan and Camielle? I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Curiosity Keeper. However, I did guess where the ruby was hidden from the very first chapter (as well as who was ultimately behind the whole enterprise). I give The Curiosity Keeper 4 out of 5 stars. It is a charming story that has romance, mystery, and intrigue. Sarah E. Ladd writes engaging books that appeal to many readers. I received a complimentary copy of The Curiosity Keeper from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The review and opinions expressed are my own.

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