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    The Hunters

    Griffin has done it again. Lots of action - very detailed Politics of Washington, a tribute to the Law Enforcement Agencies. Too bad that the Publisher didn't do the job of proof reading that a Writer expects from his Publisher! The book is filled with 2 sometimes 3 words all run together in numerous places. Any time a lady is introduced into the story line they are introduced as Mr. Diana Wilson etc. this did not happen just once but many time. Too bad as this takes away from your concentration by having to reread the line as it doesn't make sence. Maybe Griffin will get a new publisher for his future books. I have read every book that Griffin has written and must say that he is a credit to his profession.
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    The Hunters by W.E.B. Griffin

    This third book in the Presidential Agent series is a good story, but I have a few gripes. Don't get me wrong...I've read every book Griffin has written, and am a fan. I just wish the author and, perhaps, his editors read his books with the same degree of care that I do. In every book, the main character, and many of the minor figures are from well-to-do families with lots of money and privilege who are serving our country selflessly. OK, I'll accept that premise. But over and over again? Griffin seems to have a fixation on the rich and powerful who serve our country in some capacity. The names and story lines change and are always compelling, but come on. In each subsequent hook in a series, Griffin feels compelled to re-introduce the characters by retelling an abbreviated version of the previous book. No problem there, in principle, but you would think the author and/or editor would do a better job of fact checking and get it right. It's like they haven't read their own books. Another gripe - In this book, they apparently did a global search-and-replace of "Mrs." with "Mr." I did a search and found not a single instance of "Mrs.", even when it was obvious the character was a woman. Will someone please wake up the editor? There also occurrences of referring to an "encryption logarithm" when the correct term is an "algorithm." Other than these gripes, it's a good read.

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