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    Idolizing In: One Night With Consequences Series,

    5 out of 5 stars! Ever since Kedah was a young boy, he has been aware of his family’s rigid standards and the precarious nature of him becoming the Crown Prince he is supposed to be. Over the years, he grew into a man who cares deeply for his country but turned into a self-made billionaire playboy to ensure he was in control of his future. Now with his grandfather finally passed, he is the official Crown Prince, and he knows that soon the Accession Council will probably meet to overthrow him to his younger brother. Therefore, he brings in Felicia (a renowned PR representative) to become his London PA. During their time together, they grow closer than they typically do to others and soon the lines are blurring between their personal lives and business relationship. Then just when the Accession Council decides to go forward with their plans to thwart Kedah, Felicia gets a curve ball of her own … will they be able to deal with all the issues being thrown their way and still manage a “working relationship” or will everything come to a head and ruin their best laid plans. Endearing. Spicy. Erotic. With a whole lot of sass. It was easy to enjoy this fast-paced contemporary romance that entices its readers into wanting to find out about Kedah’s parentage as much as he does. Then with it throwing in the elusive Felicia, this novel gets a WHOLE lot hotter! While both Kedah and Felicia are very domineering, I find it intriguing in the way their relationship grew from co-workers to lovers with the possibility of something more. I couldn’t get enough of them as a duo. The heat between them rises off its pages. I HIGHLY recommend this novel to those looking for an erotic contemporary romance! Review By: From Me to You ... Book Reviews -- read more of this review and THREE TEASERS on my blog --
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    The Sheikh's Baby Scandal

    Romance and scandal abounds as readers get up close and personal with the ruling family of Zazinia. Marinelli's world development and descriptions allow readers to picture this land and travel there alongside the characters. The plot had an air of formulaic construction yet the romance that develops between the characters is so real that it is an easy focal point. The characters that we meet here are somewhat atypical to what I'd expected. I enjoyed how they were developed and the way in which we get to know them. Their story was easy to see and to follow. They were a little too perfect of a fit at times, but also enjoyable to get to know. As a whole, this was a fun, light read that I think would be great for a crisp fall afternoon curled up on the couch. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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