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    I just have to mention - that cover! It is so perfect! First of all, he is gorgeous, and secondly, and maybe more importantly, it fits into the story so well! It gives the message of the intensity and fierce danger that is surrounding the tale. I really enjoyed this story, Undercover Husband has a palpable fear and a constant threat of danger that had me curling my toes and holding my breath. The cult - the Family - that the series is focusing on, it is giving out such strong vibes of peril and menace. That instability, danger, fearsome followers of the leader, it is tangible in the air. Special Agent Walt Riley is the new guy in the Ranger Brigade and with his less recognizable face the perfect candidate to go undercover to find more about the cult, and investigate the missing persons' cases, kidnapped baby, and uncertain circumstances around a death of a young woman. Walt is a solid character, he is capable, cool-headed, smart, savvy, and good with kids. His attraction to Hannah is fast but believable. He has faced a rather devastating heartbreak in his past but is willing to risk it again for the right woman. Hannah Dietrich is a smart career woman who can come off a bit cold at first, but she has a fiery heart for those she loves and is willing to do anything to protect them and care for them. She carries guilt inside her for her past, keeping her distance from the possibilities of romance and love yet the attraction she feels for Walt is unavoidable if she just dares to take the risk. The danger Walt and Hannah are in enhances the bond between them and the feelings they have for each other take root rapidly. A greatly entertaining story with a splendid balance of intense danger and sweet, clean romance. The series has a hook on me, it is rather addictive reading. It keeps the interest to the big picture of the Ranger Brigade investigation of the cult, the Family, yet satisfyingly solving each individual case as they come along. An ideal selection for the summer reading list! ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side

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