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    Charming story!

    With a smart and capable heroine, a sweet and caring hero, dealing with the worst nightmare to any mother, while constant danger lurking around, and life changes at the doorstep, the story has all the elements of a great and entertaining romantic suspense at its hands. I loved that Kaylee Martin, the heroine, was smart with her safety, was careful and considerate of the danger lurking around, and didn't take risks that she would regret later on. She doesn't stubbornly hold her convictions but is willing to see the other side of the matters and be flexible when needed. She has some serious issues from her childhood to be dealt with, to get over the resentment towards her father, and accept the change he has gone through. Joshua Crawford came to town to stop his mother from marrying Kaylee's father, yet Kaylee, and especially her newborn son Joshua delivers, steal his heart and attention. Joshua is an MMA fighting doctor, who loves babies, and whose heart was previously broken by a single mother. He is determined to keep Kaylee and little Duncan safe, he is a kind and sweet man, willing to go to lengths to protect those he cares about. The danger and the threat towards Kaylee and little Duncan are constant. It seems that there is no safe place where the culprits do not find their way into. A bit more edgy fear-factor could have built the tangible intensity to another level, yet the suspense is believable, the action harsh and deadly at the end. The inner turmoil Kaylee goes through, questioning her faith in God, the possible change in her father, the loss of her mother, and then the danger to her child gives the story a measure of angst, tumult, and a chance for her to grow. In midst of all the trouble and danger, the safe haven and shelter Joshua provides to Kaylee in his arms is rather adorable. The connection between them is palpable, as it is between Duncan and Joshua as well. I just wondered through the story, why didn't Kaylee breastfeed her infant, newborn son? From the very first, there is a bottle and formula mix in the picture and I find that curious. A charming and gentle love story with dangerous suspense and action, a dose of threat and angst, with an apprehension of upcoming parental marriage are the elements that deliver an entertaining and engaging tale of love, life, change, and faith.

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