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    Piques your curiousity, but not suspenseful as bil

    Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It’s very difficult to write a review for this book without spoilers, but here goes. For background, the new student, Edie, makes friends with Heather. Heather is a misfit with the others as she isn’t pretty or slim, and takes her homework seriously as she plans to be a doctor. She just isn’t part of the in crowd. When the two become friends, Heather becomes infatuated, and it is clear that she has more emotional problems than just not fitting in. The story begins with Edie, alone and pregnant, 17 years after last seeing Heather. After Edie has her baby, Heather reappears in her life. The story is told in two points of view--Edie is Now and Heather is Before. It quickly becomes apparent that the reason for their separation is that something horrible happened. From this point forward, you keep reading to see what was this terrible betrayal. While it was a secret worthy of keeping until the end of the book, it seemed like it took forever to get there. About 75% of the way through the book, I stopped caring and started skimming through the book. The book gives away just enough to keep you curious, but it certainly wasn’t suspenseful. As for the characters, Heather starts out creepy and becomes downright frightening. So, why does Edie let her into her life? Even though it’s passed off as Edie having postpartum depression and no one else to turn to, it just didn’t ring true for me. Other reviews I read are just positively glowing, but I thought the book slow, plodding and it just never really pulled me in. **SPOILER** (Well kind of) What I did like about the book was at the end your initial thoughts about the two shifted, not entirely, but enough to make you rethink your first impressions. https://candysplanet.wordpress.com/
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    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    psychological thriller - heavy on the psychology

    Watching Edie is a standalone, psychological thriller written by Camilla Way. Themes threaded throughout this story include trauma, substance abuse, postpartum depression, domestic violence, and mental illness. Overall, I liked this book. I enjoyed the psychological aspects more than the thriller parts. There was a whole lot of leading up to the "secret" that caused each of these characters to grow into their present-day selves and it felt like a long wait. However, Ms. Way did a great job showing how harmful toxic relationships can be and that element tells a life lesson in itself. Check it out. My favorite quote: "He never speaks about her, but you can somehow see the memory of her there still, in his eyes and his smile, the way they do remain a part of us, those people who have hurt us very deeply, or who we have hurt, never letting us go, not entirely."

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