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    Witchful Thinking by Kristen Painter

    Witchful Thinking by Kristen Painter 4th book in the Everlasting cozy mystery series. Each book stands alone by different authors with the town of paranormals in Maine in common. A novice witch is targeted by a witch hunter because she’s found a grimoire. A cute and often amusing mystery with just a smidge of romance. A really fun town with a great concept. I hope they continue the series so we can learn more about the residents. Especially the sheriff and the calendar deputies. I loved the beginning with emphasis on the importance of books in Charlotte’s life. Excerpt: “The offending object was still in Millie’s gaunt hands, a shabby thing about the size of a dictionary with a tattered leather cover and gilded pages that had long since lost their golden gleam. Shame. Charlotte loved books in any condition, but this one had not been well-cared for. “Maybe it could be restored—” “No.” Millie clucked her tongue and shook her head as she pulled the book away from Charlotte’s gaze. “This book should have been discarded, not donated. The title is completely worn off.” Pain clenched Charlotte’s heart a little. The thought of a book being discarded had that effect on her. Books were…well, everything. Millie tried to open the book and snorted. “And the pages have been glued together. Abominable.” She tossed the book into the trash bin. The heavy clunk of it dropping to the bottom pealed like a death knell through Charlotte’s soul as she went back to her cart of books. Even if the pages had been glued together, it could still be decorative. Books always looked nice on a shelf. Or under a plant. No book deserved such an inglorious end as the trash bin” Excerpt From Witchful Thinking by KristenPainter
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    Witchful Thinking

    Charlotte loves her job. Her boss not so much. Still, she gets to work in the library with her beloved books. That love draws her to rescue a book discarded in the trash. A beautiful old book. She managed to sneak it out without her boss knowing. She soon realizes this book is special. Magically special she knows even being a novice witch. Walter, leopard shifter and protector from dark magic, knows all about this book. It's his duty to find it and the witch bonded with it. What he finds is not an evil witch but a sweet, kind, woman who draws him and his animal. Can he do his job and protect Charlotte? If not Charlotte--who wants to control this dangerous dark magic? The fourth book in the first (please authors) series in Everlasting is a true mystery. The bad guy or is it guys are well hidden. Some of the good guys are not so likable. You will love the couple and their effort to do right, yet get to know each other. Ms. Painter is a new author to me. However, I will sure be looking for more from her. A good read I recommend to all. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way.
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    The Librarian’s Dilemma

    The Librarian’s Dilemma Welcome to the town of Everlasting! This is a wonderful book by one of my favorite authors. Charlotte is a novice witch, and also a librarian. An odd looking book appears in the return chute one day. It looks really old. Only she can open it or see that it really has writing on it. It seems the book is a grimoire and has chosen her as it's new owner. However, there are others in search of this powerful book. Some with the right intentions and some wanting to use it for dark magic. There's a new guy in town who's really hot but also keeping a few secrets of his own. Can Charlotte trust him?

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