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    4.5 STARS!

    This is a marriage-of-convenience story. in order to protect two orphaned children from being released into the custody of a shady businessman, Jake and Lily marry. I always enjoy a realistic marriage-of-convenience story. Because I, also, enjoy slow-burn romances, MOC books are the perfect trope. In A Family for the Holidays you get the misunderstandings and non-communicated feelings as per normal, but you also get a beautiful love story that encompasses not only the H/h, but the orphaned children, as well. I really loved Jake's noble and protective character who slowly realizes that a home, wife and children are a new dream for his future. At the same time, Lily is realizing that same new dream. Also, as per previous books, this author is fantastic at writing realistic children. In fact, much of the humor from this story comes from the children, Sam and Peter, and their wild and adventurous imaginations. With some mystery and adventure thrown in, Sherri Shackelford has written another fabulous romance in the Prairie Courtships series. This book reads as a stand-alone, but with some fun glimpses of couples from previous books. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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    A Charming tale

    A truly heartfelt story mixed with mystery, danger, a family of a heart, and a marriage of a convenience. This story was easy to emerge in and get lost in the world way back when. I loved the way Lily and the children had with each other, the instant connection all three of them had with Jake, even though his identity was misleading at the time. The unit they formed was binding, they looked after each other, took care of each other, and they were willing to go great lengths to keep each other safe and out of harm's way. The danger and mystery added new dimensions to the tale, giving the plot more spice. Not only were they running away from the people wanting to take the kids, but the dangers of the nature challenged them as well. The subtle humor shows up unexpectedly every now and then, making me smile. The story doesn't have a direct Christian message, that you often find in the Love Inspired books, yet the goodness, sweetness, and kindness of the characters are inspiring, them living true the message with their lives, instead of their words. A charming and delightful tale, with jeopardy and threats, near escapes, attacking turkeys, mixed with precious tender moments, genuine characters, and an unconventional family unit built by love ~ Four Spoons
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    Her Guardian Groom

    What a heartwarming holiday book this is! I thoroughly enjoyed it! One of the main reasons I enjoyed this book was because it has a little mystery thrown in! I loved all the books in this series, although they all stand alone. This one, however, centers on a mystery because the hero, Jake, is an undercover US Marshal and although he's on a case, he gets tangled up with Lily Winter and her two young charges when they come to a Nebraska town looking for the grandfather of the youngsters and they can't find him. It's a delightful story and I loved Lily's character as it strengthened throughout the book. She always thought she was weak but she proved over and over that she was a strong woman. She was so good with those kids! And, then, Jake thought he didn't need a family because he'd chosen law enforcement to right the wrongs of the world. I really enjoyed all the changes in him as he worked with Lily and the kids to keep them safe. Jake was such a wonderful character and his evolution was a joy to read! Another plus for me was bringing in characters from other books! ** I highly recommend this book to get you in the mood for the holidays!

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