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    1 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    1 von 1 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Sizzling spin-off for Twist Me!

    I fell in love with Anna Zaires' characters in the Twist Me trilogy (which I highly recommend reading prior to Capture Me) and had to have more! Lucas Kent is second-in-command to Julian Esguerra, one of the world's richest and most ruthless arms dealers. Lucas is described as dangerous, well-muscled, and as efficiently cold-blooded as his boss. It's great to finally read his story. Book 1 in the new Capture Me series focuses on our introduction to Yulia, the beautiful blond Russian interpreter, we glimpsed in Books 2 and 3 of the Twist Me trilogy and Lucas' reaction to Yulia's "betrayal". Enemies of Esguerra are dealt with quickly, painfully, and without mercy. Yet, Lucas and Yulia feel a surprising and compelling bond that might just cast some doubt on Yulia's death sentence. Their interactions are intense, erotic, and profound and I just couldn't stop reading. Will their chemistry save Yulia? Will it destroy Lucas? Is the curious and infatuated estate maid, Rosa, going to help or hinder this couple? Capture Me is a short but revealing read with an abrupt ending which left me longing for these answers and more. Bind Me, Book 2 in the Capture Me series, continues literally were the first book leaves off. I love that about Anna's writing: rich and descriptive, yet direct and concise, without wasted words. She doesn't bore you with repetition, so there is consistent momentum propelling you forward. I think Bind Me is even better than Capture Me (Book 1) because whereas Yulia and Lucas' early relationship was driven by primal sexual attraction and revenge, Bind Me introduces more complexity, trust, compassion, companionship, even love. The character development makes this a much more satisfying read. Of course it doesn't hurt that the sex between Lucas and Yulia is smoking hot, uncompromising, and often. I wondered after book 1 whether Rosa would help or hinder this compelling couple. Well I'm still not sure, but Rosa is definitely more than just a bystander. I get excited whenever she appears, unsure what she will do next. We still haven't seen her perspective. She's a wild card. What will Lucas do when he learns of her betrayal? Anna Zaires ends this with another delicious cliffhanger that leaves me highly anticipating her next installment. I'm very excited about what comes next because we are finally going to witness new plot developments that continue where the Twist Me trilogy leaves off. Even though Julian and Nora are barely mentioned in this storyline, I am finding it to be a balm for my Julian/Nora withdrawal.
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    Great read. A sad story about a woman terrist who falls in love with her captor. But excapes to try and save her brother. Fab read
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    Favorite dark romance writer of all time!

    This trilogy is absolutely addictive! I love how thoroughly the author explains the characters' personalities, reactions and developments - it's like I know them myself! The plot lines too - I never see it coming and ooh, and the chemistry is simply amazing! I love how you get to see both Lucas and Yulia's POV within each scene. I loved this series so much that I read it twice, back to back. I so so hope more books to come out in this universe!!

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