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    The women are strong, capable and different.

    I really enjoyed these stories. The women are strong, capable and different. As usual, the men are trying to protect the women whether they need it or not. A Rake for Christmas: Lady Evangeline is tired of being a wallflower. Tired of the way her parents treat her. She needs to get a husband and get out of their house. So, she asks a rake, Anthony, to help her be more desirable. Anthony is not in the market for a wife, but there is something about Evangeline. Up On The Rooftops: Caledonia is tired of being hidden away in Scotland. She is a very lonely widow. When she visits her mother in London, she gets to have some fun. She has a knack for finding trouble, and Tobias is trouble. Tobias was a notorious thief. He paid is debt to society and became a hero. Now there is a thief who is making everyone think that he has gone back to his old ways. Cally is the only one who can help him find the real thief. The Very Debonair Lady Claire: Claire dresses as a man and goes to work every day. She is taking her twin's place and no one has noticed. Except when Andrew shows up as her new boss. He has known her and loved her since they were kids and he instantly knows that she isn't her brother. They have to put the past behind them and find out who murdered Claire's brother. A Liar Under the Mistletoe: Amie and Elliot are both unremarkable people. Everyone pays no attention to them. They like it that way. Elliot works for the government and Amie is trying to keep her two sisters and herself from starving. When the two meet, everything changes.
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    Loved these Stories

    Dashing All the Way is a set of Four Novella Books by Four Different Authors! I always love box set like these so that I can get a taste of other Author's writing. Along with having a Novella for that quick read need when I am waiting for an appointment or when I would like a quick read before bed. Also this set has a Christmas Theme to get you in the mood for the coming Holiday Season and also for people like me that love a Christmas Story. Here are the books that are in this set: “A Rake for Christmas” by Eva Devon; Evangeline is a Wallflower but she doesn't want to be anymore so she looks to Anthony for help. Anthony has his own issues and vows to never feel the upsetting Passion that seem to effect his parents. “Up on the Rooftops” by Elizabeth Essex; Cally is a widow looking for the Season's Holiday Cheer but when a string of jewel thieves upset the town it seems anything but cheer. Toby is being accused of the crimes but he is out to clear his name and Cally goes forward with him to do so. “The Very Debonair Lady Claire” by Heather Snow; Claire sets out to find out who killed her brother by working at the War Department. But Claire finds out that Andrew is the new Spymaster. Andrew walked away from her taking her heart at the time...but Andrew plans never letting her go now. “A Liar Under the Mistletoe” by Celeste Bradley; Amie attends the towns balls to get access to the Lock boxes. Elliot tries to gain access to some of the Towns Lock boxes also for the Crown and Country working as a Spy. Thief and the Spy end up working together on more than taking from Lock Boxes it seems. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed these Christmas Theme Stories!

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