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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    A very basic training guide...

    The title of this book very clearly tells you that this is a quick overview, with a few pointers on some basic dog training techniques. Dog Training Express is best suited to either a first time dog owner or someone who just wants a few easy techniques to teach a dog some manners. The first three chapters deal with things other than actually training one’s dog but could be important information for a first time dog owner. While I see the value in the information, I am not convinced there was sufficient detail included in the first three chapters to make it truly worthwhile to a new dog owner. The next three chapters are the meat of the book and where the bulk of the dog training information is contained. For a new dog owner, the information is simple, helpful and very basic. However, I found the potty training information to be lacking one significant component which makes potty training a new puppy very simple – crate training. Nowhere in this book does the author discuss crate training (or any variation of it) for easy training of a new puppy. The Chapter 7 is where the author lost me. I cannot understand how one goes from learning elementary dog training skills, to suddenly offering one’s basic skills for hire. Seems a giant leap. I likewise do not see a need to coach someone on basic etiquette with regard to showing off one’s dog training skills. The last chapter is spent recapping everything previously discussed in this short book, which I found to be unnecessarily repetitive. The author has made a valiant effort at creating a simple guide for the first time dog owner to teach a dog basic manners, however, it seems to me that since this is a book about dog training, the bulk of it should be about exactly that – with far more detail. Instead, we have only three chapters of the total eight chapters that speak directly to details of dog training. If one is looking for a detailed guide to dog training, this is not it. Dog Training Express is a very simply written and minimally instructional aid intended for a true novice to the world of dog ownership.
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 von 0 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Expensive dog training courses are not necessary,

    This book, is a fun beginner’s guide on training your dog in a way that’s effective. It’s encouraging, helpful, and worded in a way for any reader to understand. The tone presented in this book, is very entertaining and humorous, keeping my interest to the point where I want to read a second-version of the book. I am extremely grateful for the author and his clear interpretation on what each task is supposed to achieve when training a dog. Each goal is broken down into practical sections, making me not feel overwhelmed, rushed, and impatient when training my dog. I am able to enjoy the moment and just having fun during the training process. As owners, we can be impatient and don’t feel that positive reinforcement methods are enough, so we resort to yelling and tugging on their leash. Positive reinforcements, was enough and I was surprised to learn it was working. It’s a lot of work in the beginning, but that is expected because every dog is different when it comes to learning. Plus, it pays off big time! Reading the author’s advice to be patient and to understand that training is a long-term process, while working on the nitty gritty sections, makes a huge difference of helping me stick to the training and bond positively with my dog. I receive so many compliments on why my dog is obedient and people are super shocked when I tell them I have yet to pay for training, but used this book. I was able to get some useful tips and ideas, and would tweak them slightly to fit the environment and nature of my dog. A very positive approach, that works even for the most stubborn. This book is well worth the purchase and I highly recommend it.

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