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    Best Friends to Lovers

    Down to Puck is the second installment of the Buffalo Tempest series. Henny is the sexy, bad boy, NHL forward for the Buffalo Tempest. Bex is Henny's 'go to person.' His strong, fierce and sassy best friend who keeps him in line, the one person he keeps his promises and answers to. Henny and Bex have been the best of friends since kids. Protecting each other emotionally and physically from the bullies and heart breakers of the world. Bex and her mom where the ones to take Henny in their home and in their hearts when he needed it the most. Because of them, he is now one of NHL's top men. Or should we say was one of Tempest and the NHL's top men. Lately Henny's game has been off. His temper and lack of desire for the game of hockey has left a bad taste on his coach and the managers of the Buffalo Tempest's tongues. If Henny doesn't get his head out of his a**, soon he won't have a carrier to f*ck up. Bex is struggling to get her life back on track. After a devastating break up left her penny less, jobless and heart broken, it was Henny who helped her pick up the pieces and bring her back home to Buffalo. Henny, her best friend that was always there to protect her, make her laugh and comfort here when she needed it the most. It's been six months, and Henny is starting to see his old best friend again. Just as Bex appears to be getting back, Henny is starting to lose it. A recent suspension sends Henny into a tail spin. A drunken night of tequila which leads to Bex and Henny hungover and naked in bed the next morning. What is even worse is that they both can't remember how they ended up together. Will their one night of drunken sex change a friendship that has been around for decades? Can Bex and Henny fix what is broken in themselves before they can fix each other? I LOVED this story. Henny has always been Bex's knight and shinning armor. His unwavering loyalty, desire to protect her and keep her safe made him even sexier. Bex's ability to make Henny own up to his bullsh*it with her tough love but unconditional support was a breath of fresh air. I also loved their easy going teasing and banter. It was obvious how much these two loved each other no matter what. Well follow up Sylvia Pierce!
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Down to Puck

    Kyle (Henny) has been best friends with Bex (Rebecca) sjince they were 5 years old he's always been there for her no matter what so after he has had a bad night on the rink he has the next night off so he goes over to her house for some nacho's, netflix and great company but what they get is not what they both had in mind. Come morning Bex wakes up with a man's face in her nakec chest moving his hair out the way she realises that it is Henny she can't really remeber what happened last night but boy oh boy is he hot to look at nearly naked (not really). They decide to take a chance and see where they go from here but she has issues and he can't make up his mind what he wants to do so until they figure it all out they ae going nowhere real fast.

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