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    How the Witch Stole Christmas

    How the Witch Stole Christmas by Dakota Cassidy Book 5 in this paranormal cozy mystery series. Best to read them in order. Full of kooky and bumbling mystery solving with characters that feel like family. Amusing and entertaining. Excerpt: “And these tombstones? Can you explain why our names are on them? Are you mocking our committee and the contest? A contest that has been a tradition for fifty years in Ebenezer Falls, Miss Cartwright. Or need I remind you?” I cocked my head at Mrs. Vanderhelm and her question, peering at her in the glow of the red light in an attempt to read her facial expression. “What? No! I would never—” “Wouldn’t you, then?” she asked, lifting a penciled-in eyebrow as she tapped her clipboard with her red pen of death. “Wasn’t it you, in all your sarcasm, who asked all those questions about whether the stringent rules we take quite seriously for this contest allowed for one to breathe?” Oh. Okay. Yeah, I had asked that. But they only had a million and two rules, and as Mrs. Vanderhelm had set about the tedious task of reading them aloud, I’d tried to lighten the boredom. Obviously, I needed to learn to read my audience better or shut up, the latter probably being my best bet. I shot her a guilty look as another stiff breeze ruffled my thin caftan, slicing through the fabric and making my knees quiver. “I did, but I swear to you, Mrs. Vanderhelm, despite my crass jokes, I took this contest very seriously and I adhered to all the rules. I adhered so hard, I was like Gorilla Glue. Swear it on my secondhand Kenneth Coles." Excerpt From: Cassidy, Dakota. “How the Witch Stole Christmas."

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