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  • 3 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    3 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    3 von 3 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    loved this opposites attract romance!

    What a delightful read! It's stories like this that have endeared me to historical romances for years. The banter in this one is so enjoyable, with the clearly smarter Claire trying at every turn to dissuade Lord Fox's interest by pulling no punches in her conversations with him, and he doggedly trying his best to keep her attention. Fox is a little bit shallow, it's true, but he admits it of himself. Plus, the way he refers to the Royal Society meetings that he escorts Claire to, both to Claire and in his internal monologue had me laughing out loud. As an example: “There is another meeting of the Royal Society of Boring People to Death with Numbers, on Tuesday. I shall come 'round at two o'clock for you,” Fox told her as he held her hand when she alighted the carriage at Durham House. And later: 'Fox continued to notice her fine figure while the ladies took tea with the Duchess of Ashbrooke. They seemed to get along exceedingly well. And then Lady Claire and he traveled down a vast corridor to the room where the Royal Society of People Who Were Immune from Death by Boredom of Numbers were gathered around a small machine in the center of the room.' I loved seeing Fox and Claire come to the realization that they were attracted to each other despite their differences, and that they were really the yin to each others yang and understood one another so well. Claire's difficulty in being taken seriously by the Royal Society because of her being female was understandable but frustrating for Fox. While Claire was used to being maligned and ignored for her intellect, he found it quite annoying and stood up for her when it counted. While Fox may have wanted to appear that he had no cares or concerns in the world other than his own pursuits, the truth of his real heart is seen by Claire and in turn she soon realizes that he could be the man for her. They share some steamy love scenes and seem destined for a happy ending. But of course secrets always have a way of coming out and the bet Fox made with his friend will destroy his chances with Claire unless he can find a way to salvage the trust between them. I loved how the story played out, the quick wit and delightful characters and seeing an unconventional couple find their soul mates. I highly recommend this story, and I look forward to catching up on the rest of the series!

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