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  • 4 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    4 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    4 von 4 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Swoony, sexy & full of feels!

    4.5 STARS! There was so much adored about this story. First and mostly importantly, it was so easy to connect with the emotion in the story and the characters. Sam and Grace are both very down to earth, despite having grown up with opposite childhoods. Sam is an orphan who worked his way to wealth. Grace is a born socialite who rejects the social pitfalls of her status, while Sam is the cheapest millionaire you have ever found and rejects the material trappings of wealth. These two are quite the pair! They come together and have an instant chemistry that lit up the pages. And maybe other things too, if you know what I mean. Ladies, Sam is all kinds of swoon-worthy! He's the best of both worlds. Commanding and sexy, yet considerate and thoughtful. Like with most book boyfriends, Sam predictably encounters a bit of a learning curve when it comes to love and commitment that had me equal parts sad and frustrated. Overall, this book had me feeling all the feels and I loved it.
  • 0 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 von 0 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    I loved the book. The internal struggles he had to overcome. Such a moving story. Mind you I love all her books!

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