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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Wow What an ending full of surprises

    This was an exciting thrilling read that bring two people together with one thinking she is using her baby CAM to mapping the area with a complex computerized mapping system similar to Radar, but uses lasers. The other is trying to save his sister and her son. Jack does everything he can to make sure he and Ivy get together. He plans to use her new system to find what the Russian lost in return freeing his family. Ivy not having a clue that her government set her up to use her machine without telling her what she was really doing is left with few people to trust. Will she decide to go with the enemy or stay true to her country? It doesn’t take Ivy long before she is pulled in to Jack web getting down right and personal. What will she due when she finds out who and what he really is? It doesn’t take long before things get very complicate in more ways than one. The triangle gets even more complicated when others step in to take over trying to get their hands on Ivy and CAM leaving her with only one person she can trust or can she? Ivy was a great character a little too naïve she did handle all that came her way the best she could. I most likely would have done the same in her shoes. I really liked how she took the bull by the horn doing what she felt was best. She has no reason to trust either side each wants something from her but not willing to give much away. I really liked Jack after he got her out to sea coming clean and letting the chips fall where they way I had to really respect him and his reasoning. He is strong, caring and will do anything for his family. The author is holding her cards close not giving out many clues to the outcome and gives you some major twists along the way. The ending will totally blow you way I never saw that coming. I really liked the characters and how this played out giving a very entertaining read. I thought this was well written with lots of passion, chemistry, honor, pain, action and following your heart even when you might think that is wrong. The author gives you a hot read with action as the bad guy are added to the game of hide and seek along with thrills that will get your heart beating fast. I did enjoy this read but not as much as I have others of this authors. Is it worth your time OH YES it is. The ending just blows me out of the water leaving me with my mouth open. I hope you will pick this up and give it a read.

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