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    1 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Steamy short

    James secures her spot as one of the best romantic military suspense authors around. Sam and Kinsey are genuine and engaging and the trope is exciting with lots of interesting turns. The love scenes are sensual with lots of steam. A more we'll rounded conclusion would have made this 5 stars. I highly recommend this book to fans of the genre. I voluntarily read and reviewed a complementary copy of this book.
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    Sam's Surrender by Elle James

    Sam’s Surrender by Elle James Romantic suspense. 4th in the Hearts and Heroes series. Can be read as a stand alone. These brothers are high octane. They can depend on action and misadventures. This is Sam’s story. Sam’s luck in the past hasn’t been gold. He’s under watch by his commander because his last reckless flight put him and his passengers in danger. It was on the anniversary of the death of his former fiancé who had died of cancer (which wasn’t mentioned until half way through the book). His heart had been heavy with grief. Now he’s supposed to spend two weeks relaxing on vacation? How can these men go from zero to Mock 5 and then back again and not carry it around? The heroine has been targeted but keeps on smiling. She’s going to make Sam smile. That’s her goal for his vacation. And she succeeds while also falling in love. An engaging romance that’s action from start to finish
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Military Romance at it's best

    Elle James - Sam's Surrender - (Hearts & Heroes - Book 4) The series is based on three brothers who are all in the U.S. military. Wyatt Magnus was in the Army Special forces, Mack is a Marine, Ronin is a Seal and Sam is an Army helicopter pilot. They have a younger sister, Abby, who is with the U.S. Foreign Service stationed in Ukraine at the American Embassy. The four (4) Magnus brothers get back together in book 4 – Sam’s Surrender. While there is no mention of their sister, Abby Magnus, I assume she will have her own story in book 5. Since Ms. James is my go-to author for almost everything she writes, you won’t be disappointed in Book 4 of the Magnus brothers. Wyatt Magnus’s wedding is over and Sam who can’t wait to get back to his unit, the 160th Night Stalkers, which he ferries Special Ops teams to the hot spots in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The only problem is that Sam isn’t allowed to back to his unit on the orders of his commander. Sam has been ordered to take an additional two (2) weeks leave and to come back with his head on straight. Sam is taking more and more risks and doesn’t even know how to relax anymore. In fact, he is ordered to check in every 24 hours with his commander and prove to him that he is indeed mellowing out. So where did Sam choose to take this “leave”? He thru a dart and he is on his way to a Greek island, Santorini. His first night on the island, he saw two big brutes carrying away a woman. After he rescues her and gets her to his B&B, he finds out she all her money, clothes, passport, everything has been taken from her. He knows he can’t let her sleep under the stars. He does the only thing a gentleman should do, offer her one night on his sofa/chair. Kinsey Phillips is so grateful that Sam saved her from being kidnapped. Maybe her bad luck streak is finished, and she can move forward. When another attempt to kidnap Kinsey, Sam has decided that he and his brothers will find out what is going on. Take this journey with Sam and Kinsey. You will find out why Sam turned off his feelings and flying helicopters with “robot feelings” and nothing more. Can Sam let down his walls and let Kinsey in, or will Kinsey feel that Sam is different than her last boyfriend? AND…. What about the book cover for Sam’s Surrender –boom!! Yea, me too. I volunteer to read this Advance Review Copy and freely give my opinion.

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