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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Phantom Leader

    No can tell a tale like a combat veteran who has been there and done that on multiple tours of duty and has the medals to back it up. Enjoyed the read and insights into the air war in Vietnam and to those that fought it on the ground, sea & air. Fac Et Spera
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    2 Dimensional characters and errors abound

    After reading the first in the series, Rolling Thunder, I was left unimpressed, but thought to give the author the benefit of the doubt as it was his first book and so purchased the second in the series, Steel Tiger. Sadly, things have not improved. The characters, those carried forward from the first book and those newly introduced in the second instalment, are frankly two dimensional. The characters may well be based on real or composites of people with whom the author served, but I just lost interest in them and they seemed shallow caricature. Worse though, is clearly a complete absence of any proof reading that is, frankly, unforgiveable! Numerous instances appear, often on the same page, where the author has written text and obviously had second thoughts but failed to remove the original text. I lost count of the number of times I had to re-read a sentence whilst trying to fathom the author’s meaning because word(s) is/are present that do not belong. I also found it irksome that the same errors are repeated ad nauseam. For example one character performs the role of military attaché, yet is constantly referred to as the "military attached". The author must also feel his audience has a very short attention span because he feels the need to repeat explanations of the simplest of military terms again, and again, and again. At first I started to note the errors thinking to email the author, but stopped because there are just so many. I have never given up on a book before, but in the end this book became tedious, too hard and I gave up half way through. These writings may well have proved cathartic for the author following his own real life experiences and in that they may have served a useful purpose. For me, it proved an exercise in frustration and futility. I do not begrudge the money paid for these works, but I regret the time wasted trying to persevere through and hope to save you from the same.

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