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Do you feel that your meditation practice is not yielding any significant results? Has the practice of watching thoughts or the breath left you bobbing at the surface of the mind? Have you been told to silence the questioning mind or shun all spiritual experience because the person having them is to be viewed as unreal, leaving you with nowhere to turn? Or have you been told to simply see everything as Consciousness, without experiencing any lasting inner change?

In The Essence of Meditation, Andres Pelenur addresses these common problems with the wisdom and clarity borne of over twenty years of scriptural study and deep meditative practice. Andres guides the reader through a careful examination of the subtleties of yoga that reaches far beyond the basics. He shares a simple and highly effective approach to meditation that draws generously from both Tantric and Vedantic traditions, unifying their strengths to enable both new and experienced meditators to develop an authentic and lasting awareness of the inner Self.

In The Essence of Meditation, you will learn:

*ŸHow to set up an effective meditation space

Ÿ*How to establish proper posture, alignment, and breath

*ŸHow to work with your thoughts in a positive and non-combative way

*ŸHow to manage physical pains and discomforts while you are meditating

*ŸThe differences between concentrative and so-called effortless approaches to meditation

*ŸThe secrets behind the use of a mantra

*ŸHow to meditate without a mantra

*ŸHow to employ powerful dharanas (short contemplations) at the start of your meditation session that allow the mind to become profoundly still

Ÿ*The secret behind the power of attention

*ŸHow to determine what the proper target of meditation should be

*ŸThe right “view” (philosophical outlook) that will allow your meditation to significantly deepen

Ÿ*The right bhava (feeling) that will allow your meditation to become heartfelt and expansive

*ŸKey Tantric concepts, including how to work with the flow of Shakti (spiritual energy) that is drawn into the body as a result of deep meditation

Ÿ*Why you should not worry about awakening your Kundalini (coiled one) energy

*ŸHow to understand kriyas (spontaneous actions) and their significance

Ÿ*How to deal with visions, intense feelings, and other phenomena that can arise during meditation

*ŸAn overview of the five key phases that unfold during a lifetime of meditation

*ŸHow to overcome perceived “dry spells” and the feeling of lack of progress

*ŸHow to integrate your formal meditation session with your daily life

Ÿ*How to avoid common hindrances that can adversely affect your meditation practice and more

Regardless whether we identify as religious, agnostic, spiritual, or atheist, the immediate benefits of learning how to quiet the mind cut across all philosophical outlooks. The nectars of bliss, peace, and expanded awareness that meditation yields are not a matter of wishful thinking. We can experience them for ourselves as soon as we learn how to meditate.

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