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    A book everyone should read

    It is amazing how thoroughly brainwashed our society has become. The environmental movement is a fusion between religion-like, guilt-based mind control, Marxist socialism, anti-capitalism, and anti-humanism. It is amazingly easy to swallow because it's motives seem reasonable and pure. However, one has to suspend disbelief and turn off reason, implement aggressive cognitive dissonance, and have blind faith - in order not to see that most environmental crusades are fear-based, doomsday prophesies that are based on junk science and (in most cases) call for drastic and immediate action before the facts can be assessed. Few (if any) of the predictions have every come true. In fact, many have been bold faced lies. Somehow, no one seems to care or notice - because the motives were "pure"and the supposed costs of inaction were "too great" to ignore. It is the most ingenious scam in the history of the human race. One day historians will marvel at how gullible the majority of people were from the 1970s until whenever this madness ends... Please read this book and fight the propaganda and social programming you have been fed.

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