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Bewertungen und Buchrezensionen (25 233 Sterne-Bewertungen
25 Bewertungen


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  • 6 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    6 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    6 von 7 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Engaging & Enthralling

    From the very start, the story opens up many questions and leaves the listener engaged and wanting more. How many have this gift? How did he learn to control it? Are there any dangers involved? Soon the story takes on a swifter turn, and plunges the listener into a detailed, thrilling tale of adventure, uncertainty, danger and questioning. At first, Darren leaves you a little uncertain of him. He is arrogant, confident and cocky -traits that I do not normally enjoy in a character. But his mastery of 'The Quiet' soon chases away any misconceptions I might have had about him. It ended far too soon for my liking, so I shall be eagerly keeping an eye out for any new books by the author in this series!
  • 4 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    4 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    4 von 5 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

    Danke für Ihr Feedback!

    Great Narrator and Believable Plot

    I love every aspect of the books with the mind readers, but I am not fond of the quiet and the theories suggested. The main characters can made me laugh during his outer body experience and his witty comments throughout the story. The beginning opens up with a clear and structured view of how the main character perceives the world around him with his ability. I did not care the main characters term for his gift and that of his companions, “the quiet” does not have a nice ring to it and it gets confusing after a while of listening to the book. I do love the idea of going out of one’s body and being in control for the situations the main character faces, the narration is so clear and easy to relate with the character and helps provide details about minor to important people and encounters in the story. Mira and Eugene are interesting characters along with their backstory about their parents. It was refreshing to learn just how he receive his gifts and plan for the future. Eugene explanation of the thought readers make you want to learn more about these people and how they have evolved with their talents. I love being in the quiet with the main character. It is important that the reader understands how helpful the quiet can be and how dangers it can be for people with this ability. I love Mira’s snarky behavior and here natural show of leadership, one of my favorite characters so far. I would love for these to turn into a series and continue with the story. Darrien as a half blood makes his character even more complex, I‘ve seen similar stories try the same plot but failed without a good twist which this book had plenty.
  • 1 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    1 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    1 von 1 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Quick and Easy Read

    It's a good introduction to this series. It's easy to read but definitely for a young crowd because it has an uncomplicated story line.
  • 2 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    2 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    2 von 3 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

    Danke für Ihr Feedback!

    Great story great storyteller

    This book follows a man, Darren, who throughout his whole life thought he was the only one who was able to stop time and see what was going on around him and able to walk around while everyone else was stopped, stuck in time. Until one day he sees someone else moving around with him while he has stopped time. If you have read "The Mind Readers: Stopping Time" then you know something about the story. The person he was moving around time with was Mira. Darren tracks down Mira and her brother Eugene in an attempt to find out more about what was happening to him. He learns that he is what they call "a reader" . The other connection between them is that both of them had both parents murdered. This story is full of mystery and intrigue. Stopping time, reading minds, splitting into other dimensions. There is a good storyline and the narrator is very good. He told the story very naturally and I liked his voice, perfect for telling the story. I am getting more and more interested in listening to the books of Dima Zales. He writes so you need to find out what happens next
  • 0 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 von 0 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    The Thought Readers

    Interesting - a good read and novel take on mind connection. Wish I could do that! Bought the next book so I have to go. Wonder where Darren has gone and what trouble he's in now.

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