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    A Fantastic Collection!!

    What is better than a wonderful collection of stories by some of the best know authors of historical romanc? You are right, not a lot and endless hours of reading about rogue's that fall helplessly in love! These were all previously published books by each author. The Secret of My Seduction by Caroline Linden - Sometimes a wish can become reality and for Bathsheba Crawford it looks like it might! A secret writer of scandalous books, she wants to experience a passionate love to help in her writing. Then she meets Liam and makes him a proposistion. Can they find love? Stealing the Rogue's Heart by Erica Monroe - A somewhat darker romance that pulled out all the stops and emotions. Mina Mason met Charlie Thatcher when they were young and she knew he was the one for her. Unfortunately he is part of a rival gang than her brother but she does spend time with him at the tavern he bartends at. Unfortuantely Mina gets in trouble one night and he has to defend her against one of his gang. Oh my, what will happen? A dark, steamy romance that pulls at all the heartstrings in the famous Erica Monroe style! The Pirate's Debt by Katherine Bone - Lady Chloe is a hopeless romantic who has a hugh infatuation for a pirate, the infamous Black Regent.To say this is an adventure you will enjoy taking is to say it mildly. Katherine Bone takes you on a journey or romance, danger and adventure that leads Chloe to Basil Halfor, Earl of Marwick who is posing as The Black Regent. Prepare to be enchanted from the first page! That Miscreant Marquess by Aileen Fish - All she wanted was a kiss, but that was just asking too much of Colin, the Marquess of Markam. He has been burned badly so tries to stay away from those attractive ladies who may try to reel him in for his title. But Mattie is determined in her pursuit, although he avoids her at every turn. But could this be the one as she seems to be breaking through to his heart? Great story! Adeline by Christina McKnight - A wonderful Beauty and the Beast tale that just drew me in from the beginning. This is my favorite trope and this author did it so well!! Jasper, Earl of Ailebury is truly a tortured soul who needs redemption. Badly burned from trying to save his parents in a fire. Adeline was a beautiful woman, but definitely not perfect and hiding a lot herself. As these two come together by fate it would seen, could this grow into a romance? Such a wonderful romance with a lot of emotion and heartwarming characters. A Lady Hoyden's Secret by Dawn Brower - All Lady Helena wanted was to be independent and to do that she had to earn some money. She becomes Lady X and writes a scandal sheet and is determined to get Lord Oliver back for a happening at a ball years ago. But when he is plagues by rumors and innendo from that scandal sheet, he decides to prove Lady X wrong. Of course he comes in contact with Helena, but does not realize she is the writer. As they see each other the sparks fly but can they ever be together if he finds out about who she is? Loved this story. Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne - A great story that stirs the heart! Gideon takes his mother back to her homeland in Scotland and although he loves the land, he is an English Earl. His cousin has been killed who had been married to Alisabeth. There is unrest there and he finds himself attracted to Lissie, who is really a fiesty lady! I really enjoyed this story filled with the unrest in Scotland at that time in history, humor and a romance that will make you sigh! Love Only Me by Amanda Mariel - Lady Narissa can be a lady by day but runs a secret gaming hell for females. Oh yes. Seth, Duke of Blackmore just wants to get his fiesty sister wed properly but when he follows her into Narissa's establishment, he never expected to find a strong attraction! They come into contact and the chemisty is really wonderful! Love this author's stories. His Wicked Embrace by Lauren Smith - A heartwarming story that has a notorious rogue saving a woman when she is being auctioned off at a brothel. Zehra had been caught in a nightmare since she had been taken from her home in Persia. As he feels protective of her and she trusts him, it seems they both risk their hearts. Loved these two characters and they had a wonderful journey to love. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    When a Rogue Falls!

    This is a very large nine book collection of historical romances from some very talented authors. Some of these stories I know are previously published but I also found some of them I had not read. Overall, I enjoyed the stories and really liked the characters. Great price for to find some new authors and some you may already know.
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    A great boxed set

    This is a wonderful collection of nine historical romances It is a perfect introduction to some of the most talented historical romance authors around and a great way to try out their work. You will not be disappointed with this collection thy are all different enough that you can enjoy them one after another. A perfect introduction to this genre

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