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  • Tongue of Hauden (Harmony of the Othar Saga #3)

    Unity without strength, harmony without power – Hauden still weeps with the blood of slaughtered innocents. Laedian Fayersae’s long struggle to unite the Houses and the Nations has succeeded, but despite her efforts that have ended the bloodlust, the cruel Dasyu and the ghastly Plague Bringers now vie for dominion over all, threatening to destroy the Othar of Hauden before they can coalesce around ... Read more

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  • Animus of Hauden (Harmony of the Othar Saga #2)

    The Darkening has awakened whispers long silent on Hauden, yet the grasping tendrils of prejudice threaten to choke the voices of harmony before they can take root. The long struggle to unify the Houses and the Nations has failed. The heavy voice of discord soaks the soil with a drowning blood, and deafened by a killing bloodlust, new threats creep across Hauden unheard. ... Read more

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  • Heart of Hauden (Harmony of the Othar Saga #1)

    The short peace between the Houses and the Nations is ending. The rekindling of the eternal fires has awakened the Othar, but the flame of prejudice still burns, threatening to consume Hauden in a conflagration of blood. All must unify so the Othar can speak with one voice, for only with the harmony of one voice can the stasis of Oseronni be broken, restoring the natural cycles of life and death. ... Read more

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  • Abaddon meets Elysium

    Book One

    The land of Ursurla moved around her as the wind struck a chord with the moonlight playing on the reddened grass before her. The night cracked and sparked as a sudden storm dissolved the stars and unleashed its force upon the moon, hiding it beneath thick clouds, layers, and darkness. Many years ago, once the magic started changing into an uncontrollable and unique mystery, natural magic users ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • A Gift for Dusty

    Adventures of Dusty Sourdough, Book 1

    by Glen Guy ...
    Cautiously, he crawled in the opening, and instantly, he could see nothing. Fumbling in his possible bag he found a lucifer and struck it on the rocky ceiling above his head .... without warning he heard a blood curdling roar, felt a sharp pain start at his head and go all the way down his left side. A pool of blackness started coming over him, he tried to hang on but he felt himself slipping away ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Twisted Roads Volume Two: Another Anthology Of Twisted Tales

    by Matthew Tonks ...
    series Twisted Roads
    It's time to venture back into the darkness with another thirty-one demented tales of the wickedness that infects us all, a muddy collection of stories intertwined by a sickness that knows no end, and gives no reprieve.So buckle up and prepare for another ride as we once again drive headlong down the ever twisting roads of madness, where your trust is never to be given away lightly, as no one ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • House of Horror

    by E.J Bennett ...
    When Mathew Hansen first heard the disembodied voice of a woman through the wall of his new London flat, he thought he imagined it. Mind playing tricks, in a flat that settled and creaked like an old woman. Or maybe too much booze fuelling his nightmares.The voice couldn’t be real; just the wind, moving around the old Victorian house.Besides, his bangable neighbour Amanda couldn’t hear the strange ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • The Black Moon

    by Felix Lukhale ...
    In the deep night, when things are asleep; animals by the grass or burrows; man by his warm sheets in the bed; and sound blanketed by a quiet echo, stirred slightly by a draft of wind, here and there.Kwame, Betty and Mumbe awake in a night full of unknown shadows; mind's hazed; air chilling; hearts racing.They find themselves trapped in a hellish place where shadows lurk, fear corrupts and the ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • A New World: Untold Stories 2

    by John O'Brien ...
    A gust of wind…And the storm descends…Twilight crept across the surface, the sun dipping below the horizon. Darkness closed in, a hush settling upon the world. For most, dinners were devoured, shows watched, and alarms for the next day set.Shrieks erupted in the night, signaling the end of civilization. Many died quickly, their last moments full of terror and agony. Others fled into the darkness, ... Read more

    $4.59 USD

  • The Wood

    by Guy N Smith ...
    Cold as death, the sudden mist seeped and coiled through the wood. Naked and terror stricken, the girl floundered ever deeper through the undergrowth and the clinging black mud, desperate to escape her pursuer. But in front a worse horror waited. For with the mist came the figures from the past - from many pasts - lurching through the blinding whiteness, reaching out to clutch, choke and smother ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Deranged: Volume 1

    An eye-opening, thought enticing saga, pre-dating the stars, the galaxy and existence as we’ve known it rest within the provocative contents of Deranged: Volume one. Infinite darkness surrounds an awake alert child. Hearing only his breath, echoing over the ebony of perpetual blackness covering sight and movement. Sitting and pondering where to move, where to look. This awake, child murmurs the ... Read more

    $2.95 USD

  • Fading Flowers

    A Collection of Nightmares

    Each story, as I perceive it, is a tale not so much of terror but of the unknown. Weird things happen to ordinary people and the unexpected, frightening occurrences in each tale uncovers the possibility that none of us is immune to the horror that resides within our so-called mundane lives. Some of the tales, like FADING FLOWERS, should appeal to older folks who either live alone or within the ... Read more

    $3.99 USD