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  • Laura's New Boyfriend

    Book 1 - The Laura Books
    Laura's New Boyfriend is the first installment of a series of complete comedy novels. It is set in the fictional seaside holiday resort of Dunehaven on the south coast of England in the present day. One bright and sunny day, while strolling along the seafront, the story teller discovers a somewhat peculiar gift shop that has just opened for business. With time on his hands he goes inside to browse ... Read more


  • Laura's Child

    Book 4 - The Laura Books
    Laura's Child is book four in the continuing Laura comedy fantasy series. It is assumed that you know the background to all the main characters by now. My wife Laura gives birth to our first child, the mystical Red Moon Child of Arthurian prophesy. She is named Tammy after the song by Debbie Reynolds. When she is a toddler she develops a penchant for collecting animals and an obsession for playing ... Read more


  • Riling Up the Rival

    by Mara Townsend ...
    What happens when you call your rival opponent Daddy?Erik's whole life is indoor volleyball. He wasn't born a talented player, but through hard work he has honed himself into a great one. With a competitive streak a mile wide, he'll go to any length to win—even flirt with his opponents to rile them up.After losing the chance to compete in nationals, Erik enters college with a stronger drive, ... Read more


  • A Yoga Marriage: Restoring Connection & Deepening Passion the Yoga Way

    A How-to Guide for Yoga Chicks & Their 'Stiffo', Non-Spiritual Spouse

    Imagine feeling understood, deeply connected and on fire with passion for your spouse. Imagine knowing how to communicate your deepest desires and unsaid needs in a clear, powerful way that satisfies you while honoring your partner. Imagine feeling a sense of presence, purpose and soul-full connection with the man you love, whether he is on the same spiritual path or not. It is possible, and ... Read more


  • Laura's Baby

    Book 3 - The Laura Books
    Laura's Baby is Book 3 in the Laura series of erotic comedy fantasy novels. Shortly after our wedding Laura discovers that she is pregnant with our first child. An ancient Arthurian prophesy about a mystical Red Moon Child is becoming manifest. The Reverend Popplethwaite stumbles upon a group of crackpot devil worshipers holding a black mass in his church cemetery late one night, and chases them ... Read more


  • Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie

    Explore twelve tales of Faerie…and discover its paradox--both close and inaccessible--peopled with heroes, rogues, and ciphers.•A modern dragon who desires more than mere gold,•A troll who longs for the kiss of sunlight on his skin,•Pixies who won’t let breaking-and-entering deter them from their just revenge,•A gargoyle who yearns to safeguard not only a church but a young girl as well,•And a ... Read more


  • Revenge Requires Two Graves

    series Cooper Series
    In Revenge Requires Two Graves young Ray Cooper is forced to escape his youth and prematurely embrace adulthood after a series of misfortunate events that happen in rapid succession to the Cooper family. This historically driven fiction is set in the 1860's, United States. This western adventure for teens and adults includes romance, rejection, murder, and revenge.As a teenager in Wisconsin, Ray ... Read more


  • Laura's Wedding

    Book 2 - The Laura Books
    Laura's Wedding is the sequel to Laura's New Boyfriend. Laura and I start making our wedding plans, and we seek out a local church. We find one with the unusual name of "The Holy Church of Saint Mary Magdalene The Non-Virgin, and get to meet its' eccentric minister, The Reverend Popplethwaite. Our plans go along swimmingly until Laura's maiden Aunt Maisie comes to stay for a weekend. When she ... Read more


  • Laura's Family

    Book 5 - The Laura Books
    Book number 5 in the Laura series. Summertime is coming and the busy holiday season in Dunehaven seaside resort is hotting up! Laura and I, along with our friends Debra, Vince and Jessica are looking forward to long summer days, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. But our holiday plans are constantly ruined when hordes of Rodds and Mockers descend on our little seaside idyll and turn it into a ... Read more


  • Terpsichore's Fire: A True Story of Obsession

    Where were you and what were you doing during the summer and autumn of '84? I will try to tell my story as accurately as I can remember, with all the important and relevant events included and described. Make of it what you will, for I'm darned if I can make much sense of it. How did it happen? Why did it happen? And, much more importantly, why did it have to stop happening? For this is the story ... Read more


  • Snow White and the Civil War, Part 1: Survival of the Fairest

    Book 1 - Snow White
    Locked away in her room, every word she speaks, every move she makes is monitored. The next attempt on her life may well succeed…Gwen's biggest fear used to be the suitors her father inflicted on her. She hated agreeing with everything any man said, especially if that meant she had to agree with slavery.But then Gwen's father brought home a new bride. Gwen's stepmother is not only beautiful, she's ... Read more


  • Pseudo Personality

    series Wasatch Mountains
    Instead of finding a serene mountain retreat to write her next book, Elizabeth unknowingly allows a stalker the freedom not only to observe her without detection but to get close enough to kill.Elizabeth finally decides to move from the city to her uncle’s property in Utah to write in seclusion. When she hires Joshua to build her home deep in the mountains, she’s amazed to discover the rugged ... Read more