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  • Beloved 3956

    Book 1 - Belovéd
    Explicit Adult Content. The demigod Malachi discovers that his Belovéd enemy, the avatar Jace, has been kidnapped by a barbaric land. The maniacal rulers of Ridlen have driven his Belovéd insane. Only one goal has been hammered into his tormented mind: to kill Malachi.This is a nonsequential series. Every episode stands alone as a singular story. Episodes are not published in a linear sequence.The ... Read more


  • Her Twin Brother

    Emotionally distant cop Heath Prescott lost his beloved wife and finds her gay twin brother comforting—perhaps a little too comforting. A poignant and heart-wrenching short story presented in one installment. ... Read more


  • Vampire Slave (Yaoi)

    Book 1 - Vampire Slave
    Thalos, the world’s oldest vampire, mistakenly performs a blood ritual with a boy named Dusty. He finds out he’s the son of the leader of Vampire Poison—a vicious group of vampire hunters. Thalos has to abandon the boy who’s hopelessly under his power. Over a decade passes and Dusty becomes the leader of Vampire Poison. His first mission: capture Thalos at any cost! Once Thalos learns he’s after ... Read more


  • Hyde's Dungeon

    Alphonse, the kindhearted son of a dictator, is being forced to learn his father’s ruthless ways, but the torture that goes on in Hyde’s dungeon is too much for him to bear. Alphonse is horrified that someone as charming and seductive as Hyde can show such cruelty.Hyde refuses to allow Alphonse to think he’s a monster. The men in his dungeon are feeling pleasure, not pain. Alphonse is dubious…but ... Read more


  • Heat Virus

    Hader and his straight best friend Ramses are getting ready for a camping adventure on planet Marvelly, but they almost cancel the trip after rumors of a virus that causes ‘undisclosed sexual symptoms.’Ramses refuses to turn back. He’s getting over a heart-rending betrayal from his ex-girlfriend and needs some serious quality time with his best bro. They soldier on and have the beginnings of an ... Read more


  • Vanquished Knight

    Book 1 - Vanquished
    A debauched dragon king subjugates a chaste knight who has volunteered to be his willing captive.King Caine and his councilor Randell are owed a debt by the mortal king ruling in the land above them. When Caine sees the knight Jonah he’s stricken by his beauty and innocence—and then senses something even more compelling about him. Jonah surprises everyone by accepting his fate as Caine’s sacrifice ... Read more


  • Maelstrom 1 (Yaoi)

    Book 1 - Maelstrom
    Explicit Adult Content. Demetri knows giving in to Malstrum’s desires will protect his band of miners, but the heterosexual Earthling will struggle with violent courtship rituals on a planet devoid of women. Demetri messed up in the military and now must serve as a miner on Earth’s ally planet Secren. This is the last place he wants to be. Earth men are considered small and cute to the violent ... Read more


  • Parole Officer's Bitch

    “Come here, you gangster punk. Over my knees. Pants down.”Parolee Martos keeps screwing up. His domineering PO will let him slide—but the price gets severe with his second violation. ... Read more


  • Incubus Master: Captured 1

    The gruff demon Scor maintains a tenuous position in the human settlement that’s guarded by incubi. He intended on killing their leader Figaru with his lover Rowan. It was only when Rowan revealed he would devastate many others in the settlement that Scor switched sides. With Rowan dead Scor is utterly alone.Jinady, the betrothed of Figaru, promised to give himself to Scor if he saved Figaru’s ... Read more


  • A God to Wed Her

    Fiercely independent Ashla is the healer in a village blighted by the shadow of a dark god. Exinious created Ashla’s civilization centuries ago and silently watches them from his mountain fortress. His only interaction is to choose a bride from their ranks every generation.A disease has stricken the villagers that Ashla can’t cure with her magic potions. She knows this must be the work of Exinious ... Read more


  • Vanquished Prince

    Book 2 - Vanquished
    Young Prince Thurber’s wicked god demands he complete a quest in the perverse dragon underworld before he can become king.Thurber knows that months ago the knight Jonah became the willing sacrifice to the debauched dragon king of Darkhelm. He sent a message to the mortal world that he was happy, and no one should try to rescue him. Now Prince Thurber has been sent on a quest to find out why.He’s ... Read more

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  • The Yaoikuza: Oruji

    Book 1 - Yaoikuza
    Explicit Adult Content. The big thug Okina caught his boss Aruji and his little brother in a compromising situation. He’s come demanding retribution for his sullied sibling. Aruji decides to humor him, but just how far is he planning to take this?Although this story takes place after Soboruji, the Yaoikuza series is meant to be read in any order. ... Read more