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  • Make My Heart Beat

    The Shameful Regret Series, #2

    by Liz King ...
    Book 2 - The Shameful Regret Series
    Before Lynae, my heart was just sitting lifeless in my chest. I wasn't living.I've hidden away the shame and the regret for so long, that I never thought anyone could break through. She did that, and so much more. I need Lynae more than I need air to breathe.She is everything to me.The night Lynae walked into my life, I knew that I would never be the same. My heart started to feel again. Now that ... Read more


  • Where Will My Heart Beat?

    Born into a prominent and affluent family, Adel Jacob eventually learns that wealth has no bearing on happiness. At age seventeen, he falls prey to his brother’s animosity and becomes forever handicapped. Betrayed by his parents’ shortcomings, Adel realizes he must leave home, abandoning his innocence and with it, his first love, Mona. Twenty-five years later, a painful yearning brings Adel back ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Because It Makes My Heart Beat Faster

    It's everyone's nightmare. You're home alone one night and something wakes you. Was it a noise? Or do you just have a feeling that something's not quite right? Sleep-befuddled Jonathan Fairchild doesn't really believe it's a burglar. It's more likely to be his wife, who walked out on him two days ago. Yes, it's Liz, back with her tail between her legs, he thinks as he creeps downstairs. Still, ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Make My Heart Sing

    An Idol in Love K-Pop Romance

    by Trish Milburn ...
    Book 2 - An Idol in Love Novel
    They’re talented, good-looking and falling in love.Han Jae-Wook is the SBG member who most personifies duality. On stage, Wook is a powerful singer and sexy dancer, a handsome guy whose long legs and beautiful voice make fangirls swoon. But get him off stage and he’s the quietest, shyest member of one of South Korea’s biggest bands. And for months he’s had a secret crush on a barista who works in ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • You Make My Heart Go Vroom!

    by Rose Rossner ...
    Illustrated by Kathryn Selbert ...
    series Punderland
    Let your heart take flight with this unsinkably adorable and punny story for babies and toddlers, the perfect Christmas gift!Show your little one they fuel your days with loads of love in this punderful board book about things that go! Filled with charming rhymes and transportation illustrations of tractors, boats, construction vehicles, planes, trains, and more, this tow-tally cute read aloud is ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • Heart Beat

    Proceeds will benefit the CDC’s Emergency Fund.Sweet Daisy - When a doctor, who's had his own share of trauma, falls for his neighbor, he does everything he can to win over the sweet, skittish school teacher.An Unexpected Rescue - On a mission to clear out residents from the back country before a monster storm comes their way, a first responder encounters the quirkiest woman he's ever met who he ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Heart Beat 1

    Book 1 - 1
    The story begins with a simple question asked by a 9 years old girl Shree Nidhi to his friend about his best friend, he is capable to be Maniradh, why his parents named him Maniradh.Every stage of his life Maniradh proved himself what he is, what he is to his friends and to his family.But Will he become a become heart beat to his Childhood friend Shree Nidhi.The beautiful conversation between the ... Read more

    $2.00 USD

  • A Mother's Heart Beat: Chickee

    Book 1 - Linkers
    What if by hearing a mother’s heartbeat we could accelerate our healing time to the exponential cell growth rate that occurs in the womb? A Mother’s Heart Beat is the story of Chickee, a woman who develops a device that allows children’s bodies to “listen” to a mother’s heartbeat. With this, and by recruiting other women to become “linkers,” she develops an organization, Mother’s Heartbeat, ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Heart-Beat

    Sam and Jasper are the best of friends since a tragedy brought them together.They feel they have all the time in the world to succeed in their goals, until their lives come to a sudden stop when they learn the devastating news that Jasper is terminally ill, diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in his heart.With only a few days more to live, Jasper is determined to make every minute count. He pleads ... Read more

    $2.01 USD

  • Heart-Beat

    Sixteen-year old Sam knows life will never be easy for her. Socially awkward and armed only with a brilliant mind and feisty character, she struggles with things that other teenagers find normal. Only her best friend Jasper really gets her.Eighteen-year old college student Jasper strives to be the perfect son to his successful parents, working himself to the ground to fulfill their wishes. Up ... Read more

    $2.50 USD

  • Intercession The Heart Beat of God

    If someone were to paint a picture of God’s mighty army arising, I think you’d see mama’s pushing strollers, babies with rattles in their hands. You’d see little old ladies with false teeth in their mouths. You’d see the outcast, the castaways. Those who have been written off by society, as not being able to contribute anything of value. You’d see ex-prostitutes, ex-pimps, and ex-addicts, because ... Read more

    $7.00 USD

  • Niggers Sing Redemption Songs: Reggae, the Heart-Beat of a People

    by VK Ogilvie ...
    “Of all the various acts of inequity throughout time, none was more severe than the submission forced upon the indigenous peoples of the earth by their earthly demi-god counterparts. Robbing these peoples of their God given cultural and traditional knowledge of survival, void of cultural references and alienated from their traditional survival techniques and skills, the indigenous peoples had no ... Read more

    $4.99 USD