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  • Shardai

    Cats of Catarau, #1

    by Sandra Cox ...
    Book 1 - Cats of Catarau
    Shardai is a large, sleek cat with attitude. He has the courage of a tiger and the disdain of a king. The fearless feline has only one weakness, his guardian. He would do anything, even come back from the afterlife, for her.Shardai is the first in the Cats of Catarau series. ... Read more

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  • Makita

    Cats of Catarau, #3

    by Sandra Cox ...
    Book 3 - Cats of Catarau
    Makita must use her second life to return to earth and take care of her pal, Bennie the Boxer. But finding Bennie is only the beginning. After they're reunited, Makita and Bennie stumble upon a dog fighting ring. Now the fearless feline must use her considerable cunning to breakout the hapless creatures that have been stolen to use as bait for the fighting dogs. ... Read more

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  • Squeaky the Mouse: Short Stories, Games, and Jokes!

    by Uncle Amon ...
    Are you looking for a kid's or children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories, jokes, games, and more? This children's storybook has it all!Follow the adventures of Squeaky the Mouse! This is an excellent read for beginning and early readers. Each story is easy to read and exciting with cute and bright illustrations for younger readers ... Read more

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  • Spring of the Poacher's Moon

    by Angela Dorsey ...
    Book 2 - Whinnies on the Wind
    Evy is out with her horses, Rusty and Twilight, when she comes across a dead moose. Things only get worse when she discovers a very young, now orphaned calf standing over his mother’s body. She is determined to save the calf, but before she can, Twilight, her mustang filly, disappears. Evy sets out to rescue her, only to stumble upon even worse danger: illegal hunters who will do anything to keep ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Spring of Secrets

    by Angela Dorsey ...
    Book 6 - Whinnies on the Wind
    When Evy’s mom decides to take a trip to the city, Evy is thrilled. Finally, she’ll get to investigate some of her mom’s mysteries. But then her mom says she must stay behind.Yeah, right!With the help of some mustangs, Evy stows away in the back of her mom’s borrowed truck and heads out on the wildest ride of her life, where she’ll meet a foal in trouble and a horse who looks like an angel. She’ll ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Misty's Twilight

    Misty’s Twilight is part thouroughbred, part Chinoteague pony, and one hundred percent fire and talent. A direct descendant of the most famous pony ever, Misty of Chinoteague, Twilight has greatness in her blood. Now it’s her turn to shine, perhaps as a cutting horse, a jumper, or in the graceful art of dressage.Can Twilight, whose ancestors were wild ponies living on an untamed island, do it? Can ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Big Bad Wolf

    by Jus Accardo ...
    Kensey Deaton comes from an elite werewolf lineage, but just because her family is royalty, doesn't mean she'll fall in line like some perfect little princess. She has plans and they don't include an arranged marriage!Slade McAlister has his own family drama. His Alpha father happens to be the most reviled wolf on the eastern seaboard, and it's a stigma he can't escape. So when his neighbor Kensey ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Meow Guardians

    This Christmas the holiday spirit is under threat and only a special stray can save it!The name's Ginger, AKA Agent Meow 01. Usually, I spend my free time searching for scraps and getting chased by dogs, like the stray cat that I am.But this Christmas, everything changes.When the dog agents from PAWs mess up and leave the human world hanging by a thread, it's Ginger to the rescue. With my ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • The Cat!

    Afterlife Adventures, #1

    by Dean Shearer ...
    Book 1 - Afterlife Adventures
    Meet Noah, a bored boy on summer break who's grounded because he got curious and dug up his mom's garden.Meet Kitty, a mysterious cat who sits in the yard across the street all day and all night . . . and gets very, very excited when she spots Noah watching her through his bedroom window.When Noah finally gains the courage to go and pet her, he learns many strange and magical things. For starters, ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Bub Moose

    Illustrated by John Steven Gurney ...
    You think it's easy being a moose?Think again! Even though I'm big, I'm just a baby. I love my mother and my friends. Like Dudley, the beaver, who named me. And Snow, the little wolf, who loves to play tag. His family's another matter. What really scares me is people. Mother said they're the most dangerous creatures in the forest. I certainly didn't want to meet them....Snow and I are young, so ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Adventures of Lollypop the Frog

    Book 1

    by Shahar Strus ...
    True to my fathers character, Lollypop the Frog is a wonderful tale of a little boy frog who manages to find himself in all sorts of bother. His desire for adventure, and his curious nature, leads him into many adventures; this is just the beginning, Lollypop the frog has many tales to tell. ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • She Caught Me

    Novellete; 10,400 wordsMelissa Castillo has had enough of hiding her feelings for her best friend Samuel Torres. They've been best friends for far too long, and she has been in love with him ever since forever! It also doesn't help that Sam is a big tease. He always drops an innuendo or two when they're together, but doesn't really act on it.Now that College graduation is just around the corner, ... Read more

    $0.99 USD