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  • Ruins in Silk

    A historical novella of tragedy and triumph

    series The Sackville Hotel Trilogy #0
    It is 1910 and Sophie’s mother’s death sets a path of tragedy that lurks in the silky shadows of the Italian and British silk industry. A dishonest uncle, betrayal, greed and misguided love taunt Sophie. Devoted to her father young innocent Sophie suffers one final blow and barely survives.Two for One! Ruins in Silk**is the prequel to **The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, Book 1 The Blue Pendant and ... Read more


  • A Grave Secret

    series Susan's Single Stories
    A mysterious wreath appears on Jack's grave. Who put it there? A friend, a secret admirer or could it be a lover. While searching for the answer Sue, Jack's widow uncovers another dark secret, involving an old friend from medical school and a voluptuous, flirtatious real estate agent. Is there a connection? ... Read more


  • The Angel Card

    series Susan's Single Stories
    A reading of Angel Cards between three close friends, reveals a sinister message that uncharacteristically unnerves Gabi, a tough career woman. Samantha's intuition senses evil. Is Gabi in danger? Is death imminent or is hysterical Alicia influencing their judgement? ... Read more


  • Gillian's Ghostly Dilemma

    series Susan's Single Stories
    Gillian recognizes the driver's face; the car crash was no accident. It was muurder. Hovering between this world and the next, she struggles to lead her heartbroken husband and son, and an arrogant detective, to her killer. Does she have enough time and strenght to resit as she is pulled further into the light. Can she convince them this evil man was her murderer?  ... Read more


  • Little Dog Lost, Reiki Found

    series Susan's Single Stories
    Buddy Boy my adorable Bichon Frise, with the biggest heart a dog could have, almost broke my heart. He wondered off into the unfamliar, freezing cold bushland of Quebec, Canada and became lost. Swirling, sinister mist, sheet ice underfoot and a useless car encapsuled in ice, made the search almost impossible. Only a miracale would lead me to where he waited so patiently to be found. ... Read more


  • Save Some for me

    And what about you?

    Could you survive an abusive man and raise five children, alone?It’s more than a story. This book is the evolution of a soul. Many of us have experienced the heart-wrenching struggle of losing a partner and raising children alone. The real journey involves moving beyond the anger, blame and pain to a place of peace. I have watched and read with joy as Susan Jennings did just that, and in having so ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Blue Heron Mysteries Book 1

    Book 1

    series Blue Heron series #1
    Hannah and Tom Wilton spend their summers and weekends during the winter enjoying their retirement at Blue Heron Cottage, on the shores of tranquil Black Lake, near Perth, Ontario Canada.Hannah, an amateur sleuth and photographer, has a propensity of becoming involved with strange, quirky and sometimes dangerous happenings that include, murder and drugs, unlikely thieves, a gruesome slaying and ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Blue Heron Mysteries Book 2

    Book 2

    series Blue Heron Series #2
    Jealousy amongst artists leads to a gruesome murder, spiteful rumours and vengeful families lead to lost friendship, and tragedy. Husband Tom tolerates Hannah’s inquisitive and suspicious mind as she is challenged to solve each crime. But local Detective Brindle is not so forgiving.Hannah, an amateur sleuth and photographer, frequently gets involved in strange, quirky and often dangerous ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Romance at Mr. Booker's Bookshop

    A lovely, short love story

    series Susan's Single Stories
    Her stomach did flip flops, her cheeks burned red when she impaled the man with her very wet umbrella. Two shy people with a great love of reading meet on the doorstep of Mr. Booker’s Bookshop. A spark of attraction kindles more than the love of books. Too shy to ask, how to get in touch they part. Will fate bring them together a second time? ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Sensing Truth

    series A Jennings and O'Shea Novel #3
    BOOK 3 OF THE TRILOGYThe long and winding road often leads to unexpected places.Meg Jennings has been on an adventure of a lifetime with Riley O'Shea. Together, they've uncovered some secrets and solved some mysteries, so they have a better understanding of why their senses went haywire.To figure out the rest of the story, the two must infiltrate a remote compound to investigate the nefarious ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Sensing Secrets

    series A Jennings and O'Shea Novel #2
    Sometimes the journey of life takes a few strange turns.Meg Jennings used to be a reporter, but now she's a fugitive hiding out at a lakefront rental in the small town of Alpine Grove, waiting for the heat to die down.Meg shares the house with Riley O'Shea, who may or may not be her stepbrother, and his dog, Zelda. When Meg is zapped by a woman with a stun gun and thrown into a van, everything ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Sensing Trouble

    series A Jennings and O'Shea Novel #1
    Some trips are longer and stranger than others.So far, 1997 has been a spectacularly bad year for reporter Meg Jennings -- and it's only March. Uncontrollable, debilitating visions have forced her to give up driving and take a leave of absence from her job. When her mother demands that she visit without explaining why, Meg sets aside her worries and heads for the small town of Alpine Grove. But ... Read more

    $4.99 USD