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  • Slave Masters

    by Susan Wright ...
    series Slave Trade Trilogy
    ABDUCTED BY ALIENS, FORCED INTO BONDAGE...Only a few years earlier, Rose Rico of Earth had no idea that her planet's government was secretly selling human beings to the alien Alphas in exchange for advanced alien technology. Then Rose found herself, along with hundreds of other human captives, bound for the far reaches of space, and compelled to cater to the depraved desires of her new alien ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • Slaves Unchained

    by Susan Wright ...
    series Slave Trade Trilogy
    Years ago, Rose Rico learned firsthand that Earth's government was secretly "exporting" hundreds of human beings into bondage, in exchange for advanced alien technology from the Alphas. Forced to wear the collar of a pleasure slave, Rose and her fellow abductees were condemned to a lifetime of satisfying the Alphas' carnal lusts. But not even her sadistic "masters" could extinguish Rose's passion ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade

    by John Wright ...
    series History and Society in the Islamic World
    This compelling text sheds light on the important but under studied trans-Saharan slave trade. The author uncovers and surveys this, the least-noticed of the slave trades out of Africa, which from the seventh to the twentieth centuries quielty delievered almost as many black Africans into foreign servitude as did the far busier, but much briefer Atlantic and East African trades.Illuminating for ... Read more

    $52.99 USD

  • The Slave Trade

    The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade: 1440-1870

    by Hugh Thomas ...
    After many years of research, award-winning historian Hugh Thomas portrays, in a balanced account, the complete history of the slave trade.Beginning with the first Portuguese slaving expeditions, Hugh Thomas describes and analyzes the rise of one of the largest and most elaborate maritime and commercial ventures in all of history.Between 1492 and 1870, approximately eleven million black slaves ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • The Forgotten Slave Trade

    The White European Slaves of Islam

    by Simon Webb ...
    “A solid introduction and useful survey of slaving activity by the Muslims of North Africa over the course of several centuries.” —ChroniclesEverybody knows about the transatlantic slave trade, which saw black Africans snatched from their homes, taken across the Atlantic Ocean and then sold into slavery. However, a century before Britain became involved in this terrible business, whole villages ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Ama, a Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade

    "I am a human being; I am a woman; I am a black woman; I am an African. Once I was free; then I was captured and became a slave; but inside me, here and here, I am still a free woman."During a period of four hundred years, European slave traders ferried some 12 million enslaved Africans across the Atlantic. In the Americas, teaching a slave to read and write was a criminal offense. When the last ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade

    Beyond the Silence and the Shame

    by Anne Bailey ...
    It's an awful story. It's an awful story. Why do you want to bring this up now?--Chief Awusa of AtorkorFor centuries, the story of the Atlantic slave trade has been filtered through the eyes and records of white Europeans. In this watershed book, historian Anne C. Bailey focuses on memories of the trade from the African perspective. African chiefs and other elders in an area of southeastern Ghana ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Survival and Repression of the Slave Trade from Gabon Until Congo in 1840–1880

    Volume Two

    An author in the scale of a value as the years pass, not a descendant but rather a value perpetually rising and wanted in several countries, Isaac Mampuya Samba is a feather having a safe haven and value as gold. Such a revelation always on the internet, Isaac Mampuya Samba (IMS or IM) is becoming downright a brand factory (or, rather, a showcase) for the sale of or to sell all that we want (cell ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Audiobook

    The Slave Trade

    Black Lives and the Drive for Profit

    by Elliott Smith ...
    Narrated by Book Buddy Digital Media ...
    series American Slavery and the Fight for Freedom (Read Woke ™ Books)


    20 min

    Racism and profit were driving forces in the growth of slavery. The transatlantic trade of enslaved people saw millions of kidnapped Africans sent around the world, many of them to the Americas. Even after the importation of enslaved people was banned in 1808, slavery did not end in the US. Read this book to learn about the Middle Passage, the triangular trade, and the people who continued ... Read more

    $19.99 USD

  • A Fistful of Shells

    West Africa from the Rise of the Slave Trade to the Age of Revolution

    by Toby Green ...
    By the time the “Scramble for Africa” among European colonial powers began in the late nineteenth century, Africa had already been globally connected for centuries. Its gold had fueled the economies of Europe and the Islamic world for nearly a millennium, and the sophisticated kingdoms spanning its west coast had traded with Europeans since the fifteenth century. Until at least 1650, this was a ... Read more

    $16.99 USD

  • The Rise and Demise of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Atlantic World

    Drawing on new quantitative and qualitative evidence, this study reexamines the rise, transformation, and slow demise of slavery and the slave trade in the Atlantic world. The twelve essays here reveal the legacies and consequences of abolition and chronicle the first formative global human rights movement. They also cast new light on the origins and development of the African diaspora created by ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • The Atlantic Slave Trade

    series New Approaches to the Americas
    This survey is a synthesis of the economic, social, cultural, and political history of the Atlantic slave trade, providing the general reader with a basic understanding of the current state of scholarly knowledge of forced African migration and compares this knowledge to popular beliefs. The Atlantic Slave Trade examines the four hundred years of Atlantic slave trade, covering the West and East ... Read more

    $19.99 USD