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the jesus puzzle: did christianity begin with a mythical christ? challenging the existence of an historical jesus by earl doherty

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  • The Historical Jesus and Mythical-Christ

    by Gerald Massey ...
    Eighteen centuries are a long while in the life-time of a lie, but a brief span in the eternity of Truth. The Fiction is sure to be found out, and the Lie will fall at last! At last! At last!!!In presenting my readers with some of the data which show that much of the Christian History was pre-extant as Egyptian Mythology, I have to ask you to bear in mind that the facts, like other foundations, ... Read more

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  • The Jesus Puzzle God's Covenants The Promises

    Do you feel overwhelmed to read the Old Testament and New Testament? Do you ever wonder how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament? This is a short Bible study written in rhyming rhythm that shows some of God's Covenants and Promises in the Old Testament that lead to Jesus as the final Covenant. Now there are many religions that do not believe Jesus is the Savior. My hope is that this ... Read more

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  • The Jesus Puzzle

    Facts and Fiction - 280 Theses

    Jesus of Nazareth is a fascinating figure. His miracles and his sermon from the Kingdom of God are legendary. His death on the cross in Jerusalem touches people all over the world. But what are facts? What is fiction? Refreshingly critical the historian and theologian Neumann, author of severeal books of Jesus, deals with the texts of the bible and shows how facts and fiction can be separated. ... Read more

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  • Amen Code

    Mathematical Proof of the Existence of God, Multiple Universes, and Parallel Dimensions based on Jesus' Gnostic and Biblical Teachings

    Pages: 487, More than 150- Charts In 2008 W. Iamwe, had an experience that changed her. She asked God for Proof of Love.  Her request was answered with the evidence presented in the book the Amen Code.   Evidence we believe proves the existence of God, the Heavens, Hell, and Immortality; evidence that mathematically proves multiple universes and parallel dimensions; evidence that could lead to ... Read more

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  • How Did Christianity Become the White Man's Religion?: No 7 in A Slap in the Right Direction

    At the beginning, the gospel was for everyone, and the earliest apostles made sure that was clearly understood. Over the next few centuries, some changes took place. We look at how some "good ideas" have done more harm than good, and how we can begin to rectify it. ... Read more


  • The Big Event

    Did Christianity Create the Bible or Did the Bible Create Christianity?

    The Big Event: Did Christianity Create the Bible or Did the Bible Create Christianity?by G.M. “Jim” HaneySimply, this book is about the Bible. It asks the question: Did Christianity create the Bible OR Did the Bible create Christianity?Author G.M. Haney has always sought logical, reasonable answers. He wrote this book for readers like him who are looking for an objective view of what the Bible is ... Read more

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  • An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels

    A Journalist's Investigative Report

    A journalist's extensive investigation in the areas of near-death experiences, supernatural interventions and guardian angels. ... Read more

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    Whether you are a Christian or not, this book on the Truth is for everyone. You have the right to know the reality!I have 3 diplomas in science and I am interested only in what is real and proved.Did you know that God really exists and that it is proved? That only Christ can open to you the gates of Heaven by the gift of the Holy Spirit who is always a real manifestation in you? Religious people ... Read more

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  • The Revolt Against Dualism

    An Inquiry Concerning the Existence of Ideas

    The Revolt Against Dualism, first published in 1930, belongs to a tradition in philosophical theorizing that Arthur O. Lovejoy called "descriptive epistemology." Lovejoy's principal aim in this book is to clarify the distinction between the quite separate phenomena of the knower and the known, something regularly obvious to common sense, if not always to intellectual understanding. This work is as ... Read more

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  • 10 Answers for Atheists

    How to Have an Intelligent Discussion About the Existence of God

    With notable nonbelievers such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens featured prominently in the media, it is no surprise that many Christians wonder how best to answer the growing number of atheist arguments they encounter every day. 10 Answers for Atheists is a one-of-a-kind resource from respected Christian apologist Alex McFarland that looks closely at the philosophical ... Read more

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  • If God Exists

    The Theory of Omnideism: An Atheistic Argument for the Existence of God

    by M. E. Stearn ...
    When I was seven years old the nun teaching my Catechism class told us that Mary immaculately conceived Jesus. My mother immediately disabused me of this idea, stating, unequivocally, that Mary was just another fourteen-year-old who got pregnant, arguably and ironically planting the seed for this book. The theist belief that God exists as a conscious entity in some form other than that of matter ... Read more

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  • An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values

    Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law

    series Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law
    The world appears to be globalising economically, technologically and even, to a halting extent, politically. This process of globalisation raises the possibility of an international legal framework, a possibility which has gained pressing relevance in the wake of the recent global economic crisis. But for any international legal framework to exist, normative agreement between countries, with very ... Read more

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