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the secular bible: why nonbelievers must take religion seriously by jacques berlinerblau

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  • How to Be Secular

    A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom

    Why secularism isn’t the same thing as atheism—and why it’s crucial for preserving liberty and democracy for all Americans, regardless of their beliefs.Founding father Thomas Jefferson believed that “religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God,” but these days many people seem to have forgotten this ideal. Conservatives claim America is a “Christian nation” and urge that laws be ... Read more

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  • Secularism: The Basics

    series The Basics
    Secularism: The Basics is a concise and engaging introduction to confusing and contradictory public discussions of secularism across the globe.“Secularism” must be the most confused and convoluted term in the entire global political lexicon. From New York to Paris, to Istanbul, to Addis Ababa, to New Delhi, to Montevideo, there are countless examples of politicians, religious leaders and ... Read more

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  • The Philip Roth We Don't Know

    Sex, Race, and Autobiography

    Let it be said, Philip Roth was never uncontroversial. From his first book, Roth scandalized literary society as he questioned Jewish identity and sexual politics in postwar America. Scrutiny and fierce rebukes of the renowned author, for everything from chauvinism to anti-Semitism, followed him his entire career. But the public discussions of race and gender and the role of personal history in ... Read more

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  • Blacks and Jews in America

    An Invitation to Dialogue

    A Black-Jewish dialogue lifts a veil on these groups’ unspoken history, shedding light on the challenges and promises facing American democracy from its inception to the presentIn this uniquely structured conversational work, two scholars—one of African American politics and religion, and one of contemporary American Jewish culture—explore a mystery: Why aren't Blacks and Jews presently united in ... Read more

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  • Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum


    The authors chart a middle course in our war over religion and public education, one that builds on a developing national consensus among educational and religious leaders. While it is not proper for schools to practice religion or proselytize, neither is it permissible to make them religion-free zones. Schools do not take religion seriously, as the authors' review of textbooks and the new ... Read more

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  • Does God Make a Difference?

    Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities

    by Warren Nord ...
    In this provocative book Warren A. Nord argues that public schools and universities leave the vast majority of students religiously illiterate. Such education is not religiously neutral, a matter of constitutional importance; indeed, it borders on secular indoctrination when measured against the requirements of a good liberal education and the demands of critical thinking. Nord also argues that ... Read more

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  • The Stoning of Sally Kern

    The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism--and Why We Must Take a Stand

    by Sally Kern ...
    This book is about Sally Kern, District 84 House of Representatives member from Oklahoma, and her desire to see America return to the conservative principles that guided the nation’s founders. In January 2008, the pastor’s wife and former high school teacher gave a speech to a Republican club in Oklahoma City explaining that the founding fathers believed Christian principles would lead to a ... Read more

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  • The Lord

    Book 2 - Secular Bible Short Stories
    To be raised in a good working class Southern Baptist Church gives one many Sunday mornings to consider the workings of biblical history and theology. One of the great stories in the old Testament is the story of Abraham; grand Patriarch of many nations. That man got around. Abraham was told by his wife, Sarah, who was also his half-sister, to impregnate Hagar, who was Abraham's concubine and ... Read more

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  • Joshua Maximus, The Gospel According To The Storyteller

    Book 3 - Secular Bible Short Stories
    To be raised in a good working class Southern Baptist Church gives one a lot of time to consider the intricacies of God and theology. It gives one pause to sit captive for an hour each Sunday learning how we were born in sin and that God is going to throw us into the deepest pits of a fiery hell if we don’t accept the love of his son Jesus. There are embellishments but this is the basic message. I ... Read more

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  • The Newest Testament

    A Secular Bible

    Dr. M. B. Goldstein was encouraged at a young age to question the beliefs of his people. Free to discover God in his own way, Goldstein passionately searched for God through history, science, and mental and spiritual analysis. Now, in his comprehensive study of the psychological analysis of faith, Goldstein shares insight and knowledge he gained in his unique spiritual journey, seeking to help ... Read more

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  • A Secular Bible For Today's World

    by Bruce Weiner ...
    We don’t need outdated religious dogma to guide our lives. We know enough about nature and our own history that we can put aside our superstitions about an all powerful supernatural being that holds sway over our existence.Humanity faces a series of very serious challenges including climate change, overpopulation, disease, mass extinctions of plants and animals and a potentially catastrophic ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Genesis, We Begin

    Book 1 - Secular Bible Short Stories
    "Genesis, We Begin" is a fictional history of the twelve thousand year old Gobekli Tepe archeological site recently unearthed in Southwest Turkey. The story imagines people and events which might have existed at the emergence of civilization and accepts as probable the scholarly suggestion that the Biblical book of Genesis may well have been rooted in mankind's experience at Gobekli Tepe. Hence, ... Read more

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