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  • Harbinger

    When a serial killer stalks the small New England settlement of Grover’s Corner during the fall of 1586, it falls upon the shoulder’s of a holy man, Brian Dreamweaver, to save his brother’s widow, her two small children, the good townsfolk of Grover’s Corner, and if God is willing, himself. The Harbinger is an ancient evil, a forerunner to the gates of hell opening. The path of the Harbinger is ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Earth Union Necromancer

    series Earth Union
    Angela Bluttsplitter returns to the Earth Union as she attempts to save the life of the Garphie Prince, a man she was once tasked to kill. But this time she has to contend with her brother, a bumbling fool who is just dangerous enough to succeed. All of the Main players from EU: Academy are back, at least those that survived. ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Earth Union Academy

    series Earth Union
    What would happen if we could journey back in time and change the results of the Vietnam War? Or prevent Hitler from assuming power? These are the types (though not examples) of decisions faced by Angela Bluttsplitter in the new science fiction adventure “Earth Union Academy” by C.W. Buechler. As the story begins, Bluttsplitter’s home world is in turmoil, with people starving in the streets under ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Skulls

    series Bassalt Industries
    We join Jo-Anne Bassalt nearly 10 years after the happenings of Atlantis Rising as she tries to pick up her life and avoid public scrutiny.   Infamously reclusive the young woman goes on an irresistible journey to collect the 13 crystal Skulls of Incan legend only to find out that there is something much more sinister waiting for her from her past. ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Atlantis Rising

    series Bassalt Industries
    When an island surfaces in the middle of the Indian Ocean Jo-Anne Basalt goes searching for her world famous and missing father — Lord Jonathan Basalt. What Jo-Anne finds is a race of beings intent on reclaiming their roll as the Earth’s dominate life form. ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

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  • Waking Dream

    Book 23

    by Viola Grace ...
    Book 23 - Tales of the Citadel
    Wiyra is an astral investigator. She can leave her body and search any specific point in space that she wishes. She merely has to know its location before she leaves herself. A problem arises when she leaves to examine some mineral deposits and returns to the place her body should be, only to find it missing. Her entire home is missing. Her cousins, grandfather and brothers are all gone with no ... Read more

    $3.20 USD

  • Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain

    Emperor Mollusk.Intergalactic Menace. Destroyer of Worlds. Conqueror of Other Worlds. Mad Genius. Ex-Warlord of Earth.Not bad for a guy without a spine.But what's a villain to do after he's done . . . everything. With no new ambitions, he's happy to pitch in and solve the energy crisis or repel alien invaders should the need arise, but if he had his way, he'd prefer to be left alone to explore the ... Read more

    $9.99 USD $1.99 USD

  • Direct Descent

    by Frank Herbert ...
    Earth has become a library planet for thousands of years, a bastion of both useful and useless knowledge—esoterica of all types, history, science, politics—gathered by teams of “pack rats” who scour the galaxy for any scrap of information. Knowledge is power, knowledge is wealth, and knowledge can be a weapon. As powerful dictators come and go over the course of history, the cadre of dedicated ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Titanic Rising

    by Daniel Eness ...
    Book 1 - Tales of the Haunted Titanic
    In this Tale of the Haunted Titanic, a giant of the deep rouses from a ghostly slumber, taking a chance to make history at history's end.From the text:"Since then, tens of thousands of ships have sunk in the World Ocean or the rivers that trickle into it, or the seas that once touched the soles of the ocean's feet.Every ship that sinks, whether crewed or abandoned, leaves behind a spirit of ... Read more

    $1.49 USD

  • Star Wars Journey to the Force Awakens: The Face of Evil

    Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    series Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away
    In a galaxy far, far away, during a storm-torn night on the planet Takodana, Specimen Nine has escaped from the dungeon—which means the Frigosian cryptosurgeons have lost their latest test subject! So when a thief on the run lands on the planet, desperate to hide, what price will the Frigosians make her pay to disappear all together? Don't miss this eBook adventure and more from TALES FROM A ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Starcraft: War Stories

    As the Swarm boils in chaotic uncertainty, Arcturus Mengsk has seized this opportunity to bolster his Dominion forces. He has gathered a seasoned team of scientists—the best terran minds in the Koprulu sector—to unravel the secrets of the savage zerg and the enigmatic protoss. Because in this brutal corner of the galaxy, the human race is going to need every chance it can get.Collected here for ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail

    The Four Lords of the Diamond, #4

    Book 4 - The Four Lords of the Diamond
    Aliens are spying on Earth from one of the four worlds that make up the Warden Diamond. But it is impossible to send agents to any of the four worlds because of unique microscopic symbionts that make it impossible for visitors to leave the Diamond.Seeking a unique solution, each of the four worlds making up the Diamond is sent a person whose mind has been stripped of everything and who is now ... Read more

    $7.99 USD