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  • Audiobook

    The Mushroom at the End of the World

    On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins

    Narrated by Susan Ericksen ...


    11 hours 7 min

    Matsutake is the most valuable mushroom in the world-and a weed that grows in human-disturbed forests across the northern hemisphere. Through its ability to nurture trees, matsutake helps forests to grow in daunting places. It is also an edible delicacy in Japan, where it sometimes commands astronomical prices. In all its contradictions, matsutake offers insights into areas far beyond just ... Read more

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  • Audiobook

    Pensar rápido, pensar despacio

    Narrated by Humberto Solórzano ...


    21 hours 43 min

    Un apasionante recorrido por el funcionamiento de la mente de la mano del padre de la psicología conductista y premio Nobel de Economía en 2002: Daniel Kahneman.Daniel Kahneman, uno de los pensadores más importantes del mundo, recibió el premio Nobel de Economía por su trabajo pionero en psicología sobre el modelo racional de la toma de decisiones. Sus ideas han tenido un profundo impacto en ... Read more

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  • Audiobook

    Brief Answers to the Big Questions


    4 hours 51 min

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The world-famous cosmologist and author of A Brief History of Time leaves us with his final thoughts on the biggest questions facing humankind.“Hawking’s parting gift to humanity . . . a book every thinking person worried about humanity’s future should read.”—NPRNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Forbes • The Guardian • WiredStephen ... ... Read more

    $15.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Molecule of More, The

    How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity - And Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race


    8 hours 13 min

    Why are we obsessed with the things we want and bored when we get them?Why is addiction "perfectly logical" to an addict?Why does love change so quickly from passion to disinterest?Why are some people diehard liberals and others hardcore conservatives?Why are we always hopeful for solutions even in the darkest times-and so good at figuring them out?The answer is found in a single chemical in your ... Read more

    $14.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Time Reborn

    From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe

    by Lee Smolin ...
    Narrated by Sean Pratt ...


    10 hours 59 min

    What is time? This deceptively simple question is the single most important problem facing science as we probe more deeply into the fundamentals of the universe. All of the mysteries physicists and cosmologists face-from the Big Bang to the future of the universe, from the puzzles of quantum physics to the unification of forces and particles-come down to the nature of time. The fact that time is ... Read more

    $20.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    American Buffalo

    In Search of a Lost Icon

    Narrated by Steven Rinella ...


    7 hours 42 min

    From the host of the Travel Channel’s “The Wild Within.”A hunt for the American buffalo—an adventurous, fascinating examination of an animal that has haunted the American imagination.In 2005, Steven Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt for a wild buffalo, or American bison, in the Alaskan wilderness. Despite the odds—there’s only a 2 percent chance of drawing the permit, and fewer than 20 percent ... Read more

    $17.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Staying with the Trouble

    Making Kin in the Chthulucene

    Narrated by Laural Merlington ...


    8 hours 10 min

    In the midst of spiraling ecological devastation, multispecies feminist theorist Donna J. Haraway offers provocative new ways to reconfigure our relations to the earth and all its inhabitants. She eschews referring to our current epoch as the Anthropocene, preferring to conceptualize it as what she calls the Chthulucene, as it more aptly and fully describes our epoch as one in which the human and ... Read more

    $15.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century

    Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life


    8 hours 17 min

    A provocative exploration of the tension between our evolutionary history and our modern woes—and what we can do about it.We are living through the most prosperous age in all of human history, yet we are listless, divided, and miserable. Wealth and comfort are unparalleled, but our political landscape is unmoored, and rates of suicide, loneliness, and chronic illness continue to skyrocket. How do ... Read more

    $20.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Bad Blood

    Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

    Narrated by Will Damron ...


    11 hours 36 min

    NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY: NPR, The New York Times Book Review, Time, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post • The McKinsey Business Book of the Year**The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar biotech startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes—now the subject of the HBO documentary *The ... Read more

    $22.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Below the Edge of Darkness

    A Memoir of Exploring Light and Life in the Deep Sea

    Narrated by Allyson Ryan ...


    11 hours 56 min

    A pioneering marine biologist takes us down into the deep ocean to understand bioluminescence—the language of light that helps life communicate in the darkness—and what it tells us about the future of life on Earth in this “thrilling blend of hard science and high adventure” (The New York Times Book Review).“Edith Widder’s story is one of hardscrabble optimism, two-fisted exploration, and ... Read more

    $22.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Scent of the Missing

    Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog

    Narrated by Susannah Charleson ...


    10 hours 9 min

    In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Susannah Charleson clipped a photo from the newspaper: an exhausted canine handler, face buried in the fur of his search-and-rescue dog. A dog lover and pilot with search experience herself, Susannah was so moved by the image that she decided to volunteer with a local canine team and soon discovered firsthand the long hours, nonexistent pay, and often ... Read more

    $19.95 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Black Hole

    How an Idea Abandoned by Newtonians, Hated by Einstein, and Gambled on by Hawking Became Loved

    Narrated by Randye Kaye ...


    6 hours 9 min

    For more than half a century, physicists and astronomers engaged in heated dispute over the possibility of black holes in the universe. The weirdly alien notion of a space-time abyss from which nothing escapes-not even light-seemed to confound all logic. This engrossing book tells the story of the fierce black hole debates and the contributions of Einstein, Hawking, and other leading thinkers who ... Read more

    $16.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    My Robot Gets Me

    How Social Design Can Make New Products More Human

    by Carla Diana ...
    Narrated by Justis Bolding ...


    6 hours 5 min

    Your relationships with your "smart" products are about to get a lot more personal. Think how commonplace it is now for people to ask Siri for the weather forecast, deploy Roomba to clean their homes, or summon Alexa to turn on the lights. The "smart home" market will reach well over $100 billion in the next five years on the promise of products that are truly integrated with our cooking, cleaning ... Read more

    $19.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook


    The Hidden Geometry of Information, Biology, Strategy, Democracy, and Everything Else

    Narrated by Jordan Ellenberg ...


    14 hours 23 min

    **From the New York Times-bestselling author of How Not to Be Wrong—himself a world-class geometer—a far-ranging exploration of the power of geometry, which turns out to help us think better about practically everythingHow should a democracy choose its representatives? How can you stop a pandemic from sweeping the world? How do computers learn to play Go, and why is learning Go so much easier for ... Read more

    $22.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Fox & I

    An Uncommon Friendship

    Narrated by Stacey Glemboski ...


    10 hours 22 min

    "Mysterious and magical." ―Wall Street Journal“[A] book everyone will be talking about… [A] real-life friendship that mirrors the one between Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince and his fox, full of tenderness and understanding." ―The New York Times“Entrancing…. Raven’s gorgeous account of her bond with a fox while living in a remote cabin will open readers’ eyes to the ways humans connect to the ... Read more

    $24.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Pastoral Song

    by James Rebanks ...
    Narrated by Peter Noble ...


    8 hours 35 min

    NATIONAL BESTSELLER * New York Times Editors' Choice * Named "Nature Book of the Year" by the Sunday Times * Winner of the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing * Shortlisted for the Orwell Prize and the Royal Society of Literature's Ondaatje Prize * A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: Sunday Times, Financial Times, New Statesman, Independent, Telegraph, Observer, and Daily Mail"Superbly written and deeply ... Read more

    $23.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Less is More

    How Degrowth Will Save the World

    by Jason Hickel ...
    Narrated by Ben Crystal, Clifford Samuel ...


    9 hours 5 min

    Brought to you by Penguin.The world has finally awoken to the reality of climate breakdown and ecological collapse. Now we must face up to its primary cause. Capitalism demands perpetual expansion, which is devastating the living world. There is only one solution that will lead to meaningful and immediate change: DEGROWTH.If we want to have a shot at halting the crisis, we need to restore the ... Read more

    $17.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Reluctant Mr. Darwin

    An Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution

    by David Quammen ...
    Narrated by Grover Gardner ...


    7 hours 46 min

    In September 1838, a young Englishman named Charles Darwin hit upon the idea that natural selection among competing individuals would lead to wondrous adaptations and species diversity. Twenty-one years passed between that epiphany and publication of On the Origin of Species. The human drama and scientific basis of that time constitute a fascinating, tangled tale that illuminates this cautious ... Read more

    $25.95 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    My Kind of Happy

    The new feel-good, funny novel from the Sunday Times bestseller

    by Cathy Bramley ...
    Narrated by Colleen Prendergast ...


    12 hours 28 min

    It started with a wishlist... Now can she make it happen?'A story bursting at the seams with sunshine' Milly Johnson'Filled with warmth and laughter' Carole Matthews'A delightfully uplifting, inspiring read. You might just want to change your life too' Fiona Gibson------------'I think flowers are sunshine for the soul.'Flowers have always made Fearne smile. She treasures the... ... Read more

    $24.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper

    How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong

    by Robert Bryce ...
    Narrated by Steven Menasche ...


    9 hours 21 min

    In the face of today's environmental and economic challenges, doomsayers preach that the only way to stave off disaster is for humans to reverse course: to de-industrialize, re-localize, ban the use of modern energy sources, and forswear prosperity. But in this provocative and optimistic rebuke to the catastrophists, Robert Bryce shows how innovation and the inexorable human desire to make things ... Read more

    $29.98 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Second Nature

    Scenes from a World Remade

    Narrated by John Pirhalla ...


    9 hours 1 min

    From the author of Losing Earth, a beautifully told exploration of our post-natural world that points the way to a new mode of ecological writing.We live at a time in which scientists race to reanimate extinct beasts, our most essential ecosystems require monumental engineering projects to survive, chicken breasts grow in test tubes, and multinational corporations conspire to poison the blood of ... Read more

    $19.49 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Invention of Science

    A New History of the Scientific Revolution

    by David Wootton ...
    Narrated by James Langton ...


    22 hours 5 min

    A groundbreaking examination of the greatest event in history, the Scientific Revolution, and how it came to change the way we understand ourselves and our worldWe live in a world transformed by scientific discovery. Yet today, science and its practitioners have come under political attack. In this fascinating history spanning continents and centuries, historian David Wootton offers a lively ... Read more

    $29.95 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Reductionism in Art and Brain Science

    Bridging the Two Cultures

    Narrated by James Anderson Foster ...


    4 hours 1 min

    Are art and science separated by an unbridgeable divide? Can they find common ground? In this book, neuroscientist Eric R. Kandel, whose remarkable scientific career and deep interest in art give him a unique perspective, demonstrates how science can inform the way we experience a work of art and seek to understand its meaning. Kandel illustrates how reductionism-the distillation of larger ... Read more

    $15.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Death and Life of the Great Lakes

    by Dan Egan ...
    Narrated by Jason Culp ...


    12 hours 16 min

    **A Los Angeles Times Book Prize FinalistWinner of the J. Anthony Lukas AwardA landmark work of science, history and reporting on the past, present and imperiled future of the Great Lakes.**The Great Lakes—Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Superior—hold 20 percent of the world’s supply of surface fresh water and provide sustenance, work and recreation for tens of millions of Americans. But they ... Read more

    $22.50 USD or free with audiobook trial