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  • Audiobook

    Peak Performance

    Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success

    Narrated by Christopher Lane ...


    6 hours 34 min

    A few common principles drive performance, regardless of the field or the task at hand. Whether someone is trying to qualify for the Olympics, break ground in mathematical theory or craft an artistic masterpiece, many of the practices that lead to great success are the same. In Peak Performance, Brad Stulberg, a former McKinsey and Company consultant and journalist who covers health and the ... Read more

    $9.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

    A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

    by Mark Manson ...
    Narrated by Roger Wayne ...


    5 hours 17 min

    #1 New York Times BestsellerOver 10 million copies soldIn this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be "positive" all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life. "F**k positivity," Mark Manson says. "Let’s be honest, shit ... Read more

    $20.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    How to Build a Billion Dollar App

    Discover the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time

    Narrated by Christopher Ragland ...


    12 hours 5 min

    THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUILDING AN APP-BASED BUSINESS'A must read for anyone who wants to start a mobile app business' Riccardo Zacconi, founder and CEO King Digital (maker of Candy Crush Saga)'A fascinating deep dive into the world of billion-dollar apps. Essential reading for anyone trying to build the next must-have app' Michael Acton Smith, Founder and CEO, Mind CandyApps have changed the way ... Read more

    $23.17 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Conscious Luck

    Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune


    4 hours 32 min

    **This program includes an author's note, preface, and introduction read by Gay Hendricks.Change Your Luck and Live a Charmed Life!**What if you could create your own luck? What if living a charmed life—being lucky in love, lucky in money, lucky in your chosen work—was within your control? The good news is that it’s all entirely possible…when you know how!In Conscious Luck, New York Times ... Read more

    $9.59 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Wise as Fu*k

    Simple Truths to Guide You Through the Sh*tstorms of Life

    Narrated by Gary John Bishop ...
    series Unfu*k Yourself series


    4 hours 5 min

    Compelling and straight-shooting wisdom for coping with whatever challenges life throws at us from the New York Times bestselling author of Unfu*k Yourself.In Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop taught millions of readers how to silence the negative, self-sabotaging voice in their head to thrive. In Wise AF, he expands on his ideas, redefining what it means to be wise and showing how to tackle ... Read more

    $17.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Super Thinking

    The Big Book of Mental Models

    Narrated by René Ruiz ...


    12 hours 37 min

    "You can't really know anything if you just remember isolated facts. If the facts don't hang together on a latticework of theory, you don't have them in a usable form.You've got to have models in your head."- Charlie Munger, investor, vice chairman of Berkshire HathawayThe world's greatest problem-solvers, forecasters, and decision-makers all rely on a set of frameworks and shortcuts that help ... Read more

    $22.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Motive

    Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most Important Responsibilities

    Narrated by Jim Frangione ...


    2 hours 37 min

    Shay was still angry but shrugged nonchalantly as if to say, it’s not that big of a deal. “So, what am I wrong about?” “You’re not going to want to hear this, but I have to tell you anyway.” Liam paused before finishing. “You might be working hard, but you’re not doing it for the company.” “What the hell does that mean?” Shay wanted to know. Knowing that his adversary might punch him for what he ... Read more

    $10.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Beyond Order

    12 More Rules for Life

    Narrated by Jordan B. Peterson ...


    13 hours 11 min

    The companion volume to 12 Rules for Life offers further guidance on the perilous path of modern life.In 12 Rules for Life, clinical psychologist and celebrated professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto Dr. Jordan B. Peterson helped millions of readers impose order on the chaos of their lives. Now, in this bold sequel, Peterson delivers twelve more lifesaving principles for resisting the ... Read more

    $25.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Power of Attitude

    by Mac Anderson ...
    Narrated by Derek Shetterly ...


    1 hour 19 min

    Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't …you're right." This one-of-a kind audiobook addresses what matters most as it relates to your success in life. It will guide you to develop a positive attitude, reduce stress, attack your fears and keep your passion alive! In The Power of Attitude, Mac Anderson, takes you on a journey of personal discovery in this powerful, ... Read more

    $15.98 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Miracle Power of Your Mind

    The Joseph Murphy Treasury

    by Joseph Murphy ...
    Narrated by Sean Pratt ...


    62 hours 6 min

    An unprecedented collection of rare and life-changing classics from the pioneering author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. This new classic audio pulls together, in one convenient and inspiring compendium, some of the rarest and most extraordinary books by mind-power master Joseph Murphy. This unmatched anthology features more than twenty books and pamphlets, including Murphy's most beloved ... Read more

    $149.98 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Secret

    by Rhonda Byrne ...
    Narrated by Rhonda Byrne ...


    4 hours 26 min

    The worldwide bestselling phenomenon that has helped millions tap the power of the law that governs all our lives to create—intentionally and effortlessly—a joyful life.In 2006, a groundbreaking feature-length film revealed the great mystery of the universe—*The Secret—*and, later that year, Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestseller.Fragments of a Great Secret have been ... Read more

    $17.95 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The 48 Laws of Power

    Narrated by Richard Poe ...


    23 hours 6 min

    The 48 Laws of Power will fascinate any reader interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control. ... Read more

    $23.07 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    MONEY Master the Game

    7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

    by Tony Robbins ...
    Narrated by Tony Robbins, Jeremy Bobb ...


    7 hours 31 min

    Tony Robbins turns to the topic that vexes us all: How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and for our families. “If there were a Pulitzer Prize for investment books, this one would win, hands down” (Forbes).Tony Robbins is one of the most revered writers and thinkers of our time. People from all over the world—from the disadvantaged to the well-heeled, from twenty-somethings to retirees ... Read more

    $17.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    What Got You Here Won't Get You There

    How Successful People Become Even More Successful

    Narrated by Marc Cashman ...


    9 hours 39 min

    What’s holding you back? Your hard work is paying off. You are doing well in your field. But there is something standing between you and the next level of achievement. Perhaps one small flaw–a behavior you barely even recognize–is the only thing that’s keeping you from where you want to be.Who can help? Marshall Goldsmith is an expert at helping global leaders overcome their sometimes unconscious ... Read more

    $20.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Profit First

    Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine


    8 hours 35 min

    Author of cult classics The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur offers a simple, counterintuitive cash management solution that will help small businesses break out of the doom spiral and achieve instant profitability. Conventional accounting uses the logical (albeit, flawed) formula: Sales - Expenses = Profit. The problem is, businesses are run by humans, and humans aren't always ... Read more

    $29.98 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Laws of Human Nature

    by Robert Greene ...
    Narrated by Robert Greene, Paul Michael ...


    28 hours 26 min

    From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power comes the definitive new book on decoding the behavior of the people around youRobert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy into essential texts for seekers of power, understanding and mastery. Now he turns to the most important subject of all - understanding people's drives ... Read more

    $30.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Late Bloomers

    The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement

    Narrated by Fred Sanders ...


    9 hours 19 min

    A groundbreaking exploration of how finding one's way later in life can be an advantage to long-term achievement and happiness.“What Yogi Berra observed about a baseball game—it ain't over till it's over—is true about life, and [Late Bloomers] is the ultimate proof of this. . . . It’s a keeper.”—ForbesWe live in a society where kids and parents are obsessed with early achievement, from getting ... Read more

    $20.00 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Extended Mind

    The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain

    Narrated by Annie Murphy Paul ...


    11 hours 26 min

    **A New York Times Editors' ChoiceA Washington Post Best Nonfiction Book of 2021A New York Times Notable BookA bold new book reveals how we can tap the intelligence that exists beyond our brains—in our bodies, our surroundings, and our relationships**Use your head.That’s what we tell ourselves when facing a tricky problem or a difficult project. But a growing body of research indicates that we’ve ... Read more

    $27.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Stop Doing That Sh*t

    End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back

    Narrated by Gary John Bishop ...
    series Unfu*k Yourself series


    4 hours 41 min

    From the author of the New York Times and international bestseller Unfu*k Yourself Gary John Bishop presents a no-holds-barred guide to breaking through our cycles of self-sabotage to get what we want out of life.In Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop told us it was time to stop making excuses—to recognize and take responsibility for the negative self-talk holding us back.In Stop Doing That Sh*t, he ... Read more

    $17.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook


    How Collaborative Problem Solving Changes Lives at Home, at School, and at Work

    Narrated by J. Stuart Ablon ...


    7 hours 16 min

    A bold new way to help anyone changeWhy is it so hard to change problem behavior—in our kids, our colleagues, and even ourselves? Conventional methods often backfire, creating a downward spiral of resentment and frustration, and a missed opportunity for growth. What if the thinking behind these old methods is wrong? What if people don’t misbehave because they want to, but because they lack the ... Read more

    $17.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    I Am

    The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are

    by Howard Falco ...
    Narrated by Howard Falco ...


    8 hours 46 min

    For centuries humankind has been asking fervent questions about the meaning of life. As Howard Falco learned, the answers to these questions can ultimately be found in the answer to just one: "Who am I?" In late 2002, in the middle of an ordinary life, Falco-a thirty- five-year-old investment manager with a wife and two children-sought the answer to this powerful question and remarkably this quest ... Read more

    $34.98 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Awaken the Giant Within

    by Tony Robbins ...
    Narrated by Tony Robbins ...


    1 hour 31 min

    Wake up and take control of your life! From the bestselling author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, and MONEY Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life.The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, ... Read more

    $10.95 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Just Jones

    Sometimes a Thing Is Impossible . . . Until It Is Actually Done (A Noticer Book)

    by Andy Andrews ...
    Narrated by Andy Andrews ...


    11 hours 15 min

    From New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews comes the return of one of our favorite characters: Jones, the Noticer, whose wise stories have comforted and guided millions of readers. In this third volume of The Noticer series, navigate the hope that the impossible can come true.At 3:29 a.m. on May 22, a telephone rings in Orange Beach, Alabama. Breaking the sleepy silence, a hastily ... Read more

    $26.99 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    One Word That Will Change Your Life

    Expanded Edition


    1 hour 3 min

    The guide to creating simplicity in your world and developing a discipline for life, now in an expanded edition One Word explains how to simplify your life and business by focusing on just ONE WORD for the entire year. The simplicity of choosing one word makes it a catalyst for life-change. Clutter and complexity lead to procrastination and paralysis, while simplicity and focus lead to success and ... Read more

    $9.98 USD or free with audiobook trial