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  • AN epic tale spinning through centuries

    I didn’t know how rate this book because it basically two stories woven into one book, as the two POVs play out a thousand year apart and tell the tale of two different girls. And honestly I loved one of those point of views and I would give that one 5 stars in a heartbeat, while I kinda hated the other one and I would barley give it a 3 stars so that’s how the 3.5 rating happened. But let’s start at the beginning. The writing is phenomenal, not overly flowery, but colorful, vivid and really engaging. The story sucked me in with the first chapter. It is a long book but it wasn’t a hardship to read at all. As for the world building, the map at the beginning of the book was a huge help because the details of the world come into play really late considering their importance. For probably 20% of the book I had no freaking idea what was going on with a world so complex, where the plot builds so heavily on the workings of the society it can be a huge problem or as it was for me an irritating obstacle to fully immerse myself into story. However after thing regarding the world started to clear out and became more put together you could see the creative genius behind it. I loved every little detail of it and how they connected into an intricate and rich creation, especially with the cool elemental magic. Although I found it a bit strange that there weren’t definite indicators when it came to the world between the two times, I mean in a 1000 years not much changed technologically and such and that was just a bit unbelievable for me. Before I get to the individual POVs I need to mention one more thing that bothered me. I understand that the author wanted to lead the two storyline parallel that’s why the alternating but the changes between them, was abrupt and almost always in the middle of some action or important even that it interrupted the flow of the plot in a bad way. Because of this the whole book felt bit like it’s stilted. Rielle’s story I didn’t like her POV, but mostly because of her character. After the ‘prologue’ where she already painted a bad picture about herself I still went into the story giving her the benefit of the doubt, feeling that there must be some good reason behind her actions. Unfortunately, her personality quickly soured my mood. And while the idea of a flawed heroine has a lot of potential but for me Rielle’s is just one that rubs me the wrong way, she is so arrogant, manipulative, conniving and shallow in a way, her sole focus is getting what she wants no matter who she prowls over for it. I got that she felt restricted and that was the fault of her father and teachers but the way she wanted everybody to love her and bow down to the all mighty and powerful Rielle was just annoying. She loved the spectacle around her, rejoiced because of it and ignored the obvious warning signals and clues in favor of her wants and needs. The best way I could describe her is a young child trapped in the body of a goddess who if doesn’t get her throws a world shattering temper tantrum. I tried to look for some redeeming qualities in her but didn’t find any. And don’t even get me started on the whole romance in it, that was just as equally bad as the rest of her character. So there were things that I liked about her side as well. While the plot wasn’t overly complex or dynamic, it was more about the royal machinations, secrets and intrigue, it was a bit tedious for me, I found the descriptions of the trials quite enjoyable, colorful and imaginative. Eliana’s story: While neither of the heroines is easily or instantly likeable, they are both conflicting characters. I loved every minute of Eliana‘s part. She is just as flawed her counterpart but she is honest about it and I loved that. At first glance she is a hard ass, an aggressive, blood thirsty and somewhat cruel but after getting to know her better it turns out that she is just an angry and afraid girl who is willing to sacrifice everybody and everything to survive and save her family. She is the perfect representation of the most humane reaction. Every time her emotions come up she runs and tries to drown them she is a bit of a coward that way but she also goes through quite a character development along the way. Her storyline is starts out a bit slower and has a completely different atmosphere and dynamism I still loved it more. For me it has more of an appeal, it was more interesting and complex. I also found the supporting characters diverse in personality and especially adored the rapport between Eliana and Simon which in my hopes later on going to turn into something more.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    25 people found this review helpful

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  • Unfortunate Let Down

    “This is what I was made for. The thought arose as naturally as breathing. She flexed her fingers, felt power gathering hot in her palms. No, not hot – vital. Her power was not an intangible thing, a trick of the mind. It was the power of the world itself, and all that lived inside it.” I’ve had an unfortunate trend happen with my reading lately. For quite a few of my recent reads, the farther I get into a story the more my interest wanes and unfortunately the same thing happened to me while I was reading Furyborn. Furyborn follows the story of two women, Rielle and Eliana, whose stories span centuries. One is destined to become the Sun Queen, a savior and protector, the other the Blood Queen who is destined to bring ruination and destruction. We follow both ladies as they uncover more about themselves and the magic in their world. Things I Liked I like when fantasy stories (or any stories really) have little quotes or journal-style entries at the beginning of chapters. I personally love them and I feel like they add to the world and characters. I like getting exposition here because it unfolds as needed and doesn’t take actual story time away to infodump. The premise of the book is fantastic – it promises elemental powers (which are my fave!), dangerous foes, and 2 storylines following compelling women centuries apart. All of this sounds fantastic and would have made a really amazing story. The prologue was everything I wanted from the story – action, stakes, intensity. But, unfortunately for me, it wasn’t sustained. Things I Didn’t Like I feel like there was absolutely no worldbuilding at all. The magic and powers aren’t established and that was so disappointing because elemental magic is my favorite. There’s a handy little chart in the back of the book that gives more info about each house of magic, but I would have loved to see it built into the story instead of a note in the back of the book. There was also nothing established about the angels, the Gate, or the previous angelic war. I had no idea why the people of Rielle’s time hated the angels, just that they were bad and should be feared. In Eliana’s timeline we’re introduced to a completely different country, with it’s own history that’s glossed over. I just wanted more. I loved the idea of having 2 leading ladies each fulfilling a role in a prophecy – one being the savior and the other the destroyer. I was expecting to follow 2 morally grey complex character, each showcasing lightness and darkness, and discovering along the way which role each girl filled – or was forced into. But that’s not what happened. We know pretty immediately who’s the sun queen and who’s the blood queen, so all the tension and moral greyness I was looking for wasn’t there. Rielle and Eliana, both started out interesting for me, but I just got more annoyed by them as I read. They made questionable decisions and didn’t feel as fleshed-out as they could have been. While I loved the prologue, I do feel like it created an unbalanced interest in the story for me. I was immediately hooked into Rielle’s chapters and the cliffhanger ending kept me reading in the beginning. But her trials quickly became repetitive and the action less thrilling. But I still found the characters in that timeline to be interesting. Oppositely, in Eliana’s chapters, I found the majority of the characters to be annoying but her quest kept the plot from being stagnant. The two timelines didn’t lift each other up, but pulled my focus in two different directions – one for character and the other for plot. So, yeah this was a bit of a disappointment overall especially because I wanted to love this so much. It was even one of the books on my 5 star TBR prediciton, but that didn’t really happen. The premise, while amazing, ultimately left me divided over who I wanted to spend my time with and left me wanting more from the world at large. Furyborn has all the potential to be a stunning fantasy story, but I found that the potential was not translated to the final product. I received a copy of the book from SourcebooksFire in exchange for an honest review.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    8 people found this review helpful

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  • Furyborn by Claire Legrand

    Furyborn by Claire Legrand Book 1 of a trilogy. Fantasy. Alternating chapters between Rielle and Eliane, young women living a thousand years apart. Each soon to be Queen. Their powers define them. War, power struggles and oppression. So much killing. So much violence. Thousands of innocents, the poor and weak, their families, friends and even the horses. Much to graphic and senseless for me. And very, very long. Rielle has numerous powers and must prove her abilities with trial after trial. I keep thinking Hunger Games. Eliane is running for her life with her brother trying to find her mother, constantly fighting for survival. Both must prove to themselves their worth. Not a cliffhanger but not the end of the stories either. If you like fantasy a la Game of Thrones, with power struggles, under-handed devious game playing and a plethora of death, this might be for you. Many people are loving this fantasy world. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    3 people found this review helpful

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  • Wow!

    I love this book way more than I ever thought I would. I am always antsy about fantasy books even though I love them. They either are absolutely amazing or absolutely terrible. The way it starts grips you from the beginning and you wonder who exactly is she? And then as it moves on you learn about a couple of girls each from different time periods that leads to the question of who is really the bad one here? I love the character development. There are so many details that are so important to the plot but you are able to follow without your brain turning to mush. I have fallen in love with every character from both sides. I cannot wait to read more and to continue on with this series. Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the chance to review this book.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    2 people found this review helpful

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  • An Amazing Start to a New Series

    It wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said that this book has literally garnered all the hype in the world. Almost anywhere you turn, no matter what social media site you're using, it seems as though everyone is talking about this book. At times, such hype can be alarming since it can lead to disappointment if something doesn't live up to your expectations. However, Furyborn is a book which definitely withstood the hype test in my eyes and is deserving of all the commotion it has been making. First and foremost, I have to say that this was a very unique book to read. Not only was the premise and style inventive (I really love the world this story is taking place in), but the fashion of jumping between separate-but-connected timelines was refreshing. Such a unique style of story-telling is uncommon for my reading taste so it was strange at first but also very fun to jump into. Furyborn's cast of characters were also very fun. For the first half of the book, I didn't particularly care for Eliana but I really liked Rielle. However, as the story continued and readers were given further perspective into character's backstories and characterization, I began to quickly warm up to Eliana. Then, by the end of the book, she was undoubtedly my favorite character! Though she has a long journey to take in terms of growth, she is a character whose character arc I immensely look forward to. I am likewise intrigued by Rielle and her character arc, especially since the various time frames this story is told through hints at multiple directions that have yet to be realized. I'm very interested in seeing how such paths come into play, and if they are as good/bad as the future makes them out to be. Overall, I thought this was a great first book in the series. I look forward to reading the sequel!

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    1 people found this review helpful

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