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  • Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991

    A History

    by Orlando Figes ...
    From the author of A People's Tragedy, an original reading of the Russian Revolution, examining it not as a single event but as a hundred-year cycle of violence in pursuit of utopian dreamsIn this elegant and incisive account, Orlando Figes offers an illuminating new perspective on the Russian Revolution. While other historians have focused their examinations on the cataclysmic years immediately ... Read more

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  • The Crimean War

    A History

    by Orlando Figes ...
    Please note that the maps available in the print edition do not appear in the ebook.From "the great storyteller of modern Russian historians," (Financial Times) the definitive account of the forgotten war that shaped the modern ageThe Charge of the Light Brigade, Florence Nightingale—these are the enduring icons of the Crimean War. Less well-known is that this savage war (1853-1856) killed almost ... Read more

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  • Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The startling true history of how one extraordinary man from a remote corner of the world created an empire that led the world into the modern age—by the author featured in Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan.The Mongol army led by Genghis Khan subjugated more lands and people in twenty-five years than the Romans did in four hundred. In nearly every country the ... Read more

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  • The Gulag Archipelago [Volume 1]

    An Experiment in Literary Investigation

    “BEST NONFICTION BOOK OF THE 20TH CENTURY.” —TimeVolume 1 of the gripping epic masterpiece, Solzhenitsyn's chilling report of his arrest and interrogation, which exposed to the world the vast bureaucracy of secret police that haunted Soviet society. Features a new foreword by Anne Applebaum.“The greatest and most powerful single indictment of a political regime ever leveled in modern times.” ... Read more

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  • Bloodlands

    Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

    From the author of the international bestseller On Tyranny, the definitive history of Hitler’s and Stalin’s politics of mass killing, explaining why Ukraine has been at the center of Western history for the last century.Americans call the Second World War “the Good War.” But before it even began, America’s ally Stalin had killed millions of his own citizens—and kept killing them during and after ... Read more

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  • American Reckoning

    The Vietnam War and Our National Identity

    **“Few people understand the centrality of the Vietnam War to our situation as much as Christian Appy."—Ken BurnsThe critically acclaimed author of Patriots offers profound insights into Vietnam’s place in America’s self-image**.How did the Vietnam War change the way we think of ourselves as a people and a nation? Christian G. Appy, author of the widely praised oral history of the Vietnam War ... Read more

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  • Fight, Dig and Live

    The Story of the Royal Engineers in the Korean War

    The Korean War, which began with an unprovoked attack by North Korea in 1950, went on for three long years. Over 100,000 soldiers of the United Nations forces, including those of the Republic of Korea, were killed and three times that number wounded. United Kingdom casualties amounted to some 300 Officers and 4,000 Other Ranks. The Royal Engineers deployed a Field Squadron to Korea in the Autumn ... Read more

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  • The Complete Musashi: The Book of Five Rings and Other Works

    The Definitive Translations of the Complete Writings of Miyamoto Musashi--Japan's Greatest Samurai

    Translated by Alexander Bennett ...
    Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) is the most famous Samurai who ever lived. His magnum opus, the Go-Rin-Sho or Book of Five Rings is a classic that is still read by tens of thousands of people each year--Japanese and foreigners alike.Alex Bennett's groundbreaking new translation of The Book of Five Rings reveals the true meaning of this text for the first time. Like Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Musashi's ... Read more

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  • Taste of Control

    Food and the Filipino Colonial Mentality Under American Rule

    Winner of the 2021 Gourmand Awards, Asian Section & Culinary History SectionFilipino cuisine is a delicious fusion of foreign influences, adopted and transformed into its own unique flavor. But to the Americans who came to colonize the islands in the 1890s, it was considered inferior and lacking in nutrition. Changing the food of the Philippines was part of a war on culture led by Americans as ... Read more

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  • Behind the Beautiful Forevers

    Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity

    by Katherine Boo ...
    **NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER • NAMED ONE OF TIME’STEN BEST NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE DECADE“Inspiring . . . extraordinary . . . [Katherine Boo] shows us how people in the most desperate circumstances can find the resilience to hang on to their humanity. Just as important, she makes us care.”—People**“A tour de force of social justice reportage and a literary masterpiece.” ... Read more

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  • Operation Sealords: A Study in the Effectiveness of the Allied Naval Campaign of Interdiction - Vietnam War Barrier to Support Riverine Operations, Zumwalt, Market Time, Game Warden, Viet Cong

    This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The Vietnam War allied naval barrier operations to interdict the enemy infiltration of men and supplies coming across the Cambodian border into the Mekong Delta region was successful only through the utilization of joint combined naval, ground, and air assets.Discussion: The United States ... Read more

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  • Operation Sealords: A Front In A Frontless War, An Analysis Of The Brown-Water Navy In Vietnam

    This study examines Operation SEALORDS, the capstone campaign conducted by the brown-water Navy in Vietnam. Specifically, this paper addresses the primary question: Was the SEALORDS campaign successful, and if so, what lessons can be learned from SEALORDS and how might the Navy employ brown-water forces in the future?This thesis breaks down the SEALORDS campaign into three areas of study. First, ... Read more

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  • Vietnam Under Siege: The Tet Offensive

    by Francis Hayes ...
    Book 10 - Legendary Battles of History
    Vietnam was the war that tore America apart.By the beginning of 1968 it had devolved into a nightmare of body counts, B-52 bomber attacks and frustrating guerrilla raids. Then, on the most holy day on the Vietnamese calendar, the Northern Vietnamese unleashed their greatest mass assault of the entire war - the Tet Offensive. It proved to be a game changer, setting in motion a process that would ... Read more

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  • The 1968 Tet Offensive Battles of Quang Tri City and Hue: The Fight for the Triangle and the Citadel, West of Hue, Stalemate in the Citadel, plus Secretary of Defense History Excerpt

    This monograph focuses on the battles of Quang Tri City and Hue that took place during the 1968 Tet offensive . The offensive itself, an all-out effort by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces to overrun the major cities of South Vietnam, marked the turning point of the Vietnam War. Although the attacks were costly failures in military terms, they set the United States on a path of disengagement ... Read more

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  • Producing Guanxi

    Sentiment, Self, and Subculture in a North China Village

    Throughout China the formation of guanxi, or social connections, involves friends, families, colleagues, and acquaintances in complex networks of social support and sentimental attachment. Focusing on this process in one rural north China village, Fengjia, Andrew Kipnis shows what guanxi production reveals about the evolution of village political economy, kinship and gender, and local patterns of ... Read more

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  • Personality And Strategy:

    How The Personalities Of General MacArthur And Admiral King Shaped Allied Strategy In The Pacific In World War Two

    This thesis examines the impact that the dominant personalities of General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Ernest King had in shaping Allied strategy in the Pacific during the Second World War. The concept of dominant personality is defined as containing three essential elements: arrogance, tenacity, and supreme competence. The lives of MacArthur and King are examined, demonstrating that the actions ... Read more

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  • Year One of the Russian Revolution

    by Victor Serge ...
    An eyewitness account of the world-changing uprising—from the author of Memoirs of a Revolutionary. “A truly remarkable individual . . . an heroic work” (Richard Allday of Counterfire).Brimming with the honesty and passionate conviction for which he has become famous, Victor Serge’s account of the first year of the Russian Revolution—through all of its achievements and challenges—captures both the ... Read more

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  • 大觀:北宋書畫特展圖錄

    國立故宮博物院的收藏,雖說承襲自清宮,然其淵源,實遠紹自千年前趙宋宮廷。宋太祖平定諸國,接收後蜀, 南唐皇室收藏。宋太宗屢詔天下,搜訪前賢墨蹟。徽宗年間,內府收藏益豐,今日故宮所藏北宋名蹟,均來自當時宣和內府。本院所藏北宋書畫名蹟早已蜚聲國際,此次特展不僅國寶盡出,尤向美國大都會博物館, 納爾遜-阿金斯博物館商借五件名品一併展出,實屬創舉,觀眾應慶有此眼福,本院特印製精美展覽圖錄,以供典藏,並誌盛事。 ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • 島之曦

    by 陳耀昌 ...
    Book 5038 - Taiwan Style
    為英雄安魂,為歷史解謎臺灣史小說重磅力作勾畫百年前波瀾壯闊的文化啟蒙時代一位是被時代洪流遺忘的熱血鬥士,一位是果敢前衛的美聲歌后,他們在人文薈萃的大正時代相遇,共結連理。在1920~30的狂飆年代,夫妻同心追求理想與改革,活出臺灣人的尊嚴與風範。★ 珍貴顯影.重現臺灣「狂飆年代」:特別收錄近百幀1920-1940年間珍貴歷史圖像、時代人物與文獻照片★ 照亮島嶼的啟蒙曙光:致敬臺灣文化協會百年獻禮【內容簡介】一部交織著熱血與真愛、烏雲與天光、琴韻與歌聲的壯闊史詩從思想啟迪、民主萌芽到臺灣... ... Read more

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  • A Message from Ukraine

    Speeches, 2019-2022

    An urgent call to arms from Time’s Person of the Year, the Ukrainian leader whose unwavering courage in the face of the Russian invasion has inspired the world and turned him overnight into a global beacon of democracyThe words of a man. The message of a people.Bringing together a new introduction by Volodymyr Zelensky with his most powerful war speeches, this book recounts Ukraine’s story through ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Shanghai Free Taxi

    Journeys with the Hustlers and Rebels of the New China

    As any traveler knows, some of the best and most honest conversations take place during car rides. So, when a long-time NPR correspondent wanted to learn more about the real China, he started driving a cab--and discovered a country amid seismic political and economic change.China--America's most important competitor--is at a turning point. With economic growth slowing, Chinese people face ... Read more

    $16.99 USD

  • Thomas Hoover's Collection :The Moghul with Active TOC

    by Thomas Hoover ...
    “...the finest book on India since Kipling.” India 1620: India is ruled by the son of the great Akbar, and is about to pass his crown to one of his sons. Brian Hawksworth, ship's captain and emissary of King James, must choose sides, but will he choose correctly? The future of England, and of India, depend on it. He had come to India to open trade for “barbaric” England and squeeze out the ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Capital

    The Eruption of Delhi

    by Rana Dasgupta ...
    In Capital, Commonwealth Prize–winning author Rana Dasgupta examines one of the great trends of our time: the expansion of the global elite. Capital is an intimate portrait of the city of Delhi which bears witness to the extraordinary transmogrification of India’s capital. But it also offers a glimpse of what capitalism will become in the coming, post-Western world. The story of Delhi is a parable ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • SOG

    The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam

    John Plaster’s riveting account of his covert activities as a member of a special operations team during the Vietnam War is “a true insider’s account, this eye-opening report will leave readers feeling as if they’ve been given a hot scoop on a highly classified project” (Publishers Weekly).Code-named the Studies and Observations Group, SOG was the most secret elite US military unit to serve in the ... Read more

    $13.99 USD