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  • Quarterly Essay 20 A Time for War

    Australia as a Military Power

    Book 20 - Quarterly Essay
    In A Time for War, John Birmingham ponders the Australian way of war. After East Timor and Bali, a combination of primal fear and primal ambition has transformed attitudes to our region, to security and to war as an instrument of politics. Australian defence policy has become more assertive and our armed forces are being radically restructured and hardened. Australia now has the capacity, and even ... Read more

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  • The Ship That Wouldn't Die

    The Saga of the USS Neosho- A World War II Story of Courage and Survival at Sea

    by Don Keith ...
    An acclaimed naval historian tells one of the most inspiring sea stories of World War II: the Japanese attack on the American oiler USS Neosho and the gutsy crew’s struggle for survival as their slowly sinking ship drifted—lost, defenseless, and alone—on the treacherous Coral Sea.In May 1942, Admiral Jack Fletcher’s Task Force 17 closed in for the war’s first major clash with the Japanese Navy. ... Read more

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  • Buckley's Chance

    by Garry Linnell ...
    He fought Napoleon’s army and survived.He was sent to the gallows and escaped the noose.Now he is in chains and on his way to the other side of the world. What happens next will become one of the most remarkable survival stories in history.The 19th century has just begun. The world is at war. England, ruled by a mad king, is exiling thousands of criminals to an old land that has become its newest ... Read more

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  • The Fatal Shore

    The epic of Australia's founding

    by Robert Hughes ...
    **NATIONAL BESTSELLER • This incredible true history of the colonization of Australia explores how the convict transportation system created the country we know today."One of the greatest non-fiction books I’ve ever read ... Hughes brings us an entire world." —Los Angeles Times**Digging deep into the dark history of England's infamous efforts to move 160,000 men and women thousands of miles to the ... Read more

    $15.99 USD

  • Journal of William Ellis

    by William Ellis ...
    The Journal of William Ellis is a classic of Pacific literature, ranking with the journals of Captain Cook and his men as a record of life and customs of the traditional Hawaiians.No other book rivals it as an account of the life of the Hawaiians in the early 19th century. For readers not yet acquainted with it, there is the pleasure awaiting them of a new and eciting venture into Hawaiian history ... Read more

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  • Voyages

    From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs

    "Most Americans are unaware that the United States is a major terminus for the people of Tonga, an island nation in the South Pacific. Small examines Tongan migration to the United States in a transnational perspective, stressing that many of the new migrant populations seem to successfully manage dual lives, in both the old country and the new. To that end, she describes life in contemporary ... Read more

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  • Entanglements of Empire

    Missionaries, Maori, and the Question of the Body

    The first Protestant mission was established in New Zealand in 1814, initiating complex political, cultural, and economic entanglements with Māori. Tony Ballantyne shows how interest in missionary Christianity among influential Māori chiefs had far-reaching consequences for both groups. Deftly reconstructing cross-cultural translations and struggles over such concepts and practices as civilization ... Read more

    $20.89 USD

  • Ships, Clocks, and Stars

    The Quest for Longitude

    A tale of eighteenth-century invention and competition, commerce and conflict, this is a lively, illustrated, and accurate chronicle of the search to solve “the longitude problem,” the question of how to determine a ship’s position at sea—and one that changed the history of mankind.Ships, Clocks, and Stars brings into focus one of our greatest scientific stories: the search to accurately measure a ... Read more

    $42.99 USD

  • The Tiger Man of Vietnam

    by Frank Walker ...
    The Vietnamese hilltribes made him a demi-god. The CIA wanted to kill him. This is the remarkable true story of Australian war hero Barry Petersen.As he flew over South East Asia towards Vietnam, Captain Barry Petersen struggled to keep an aura of calm. Inwardly he was incredibly excited. Aged 28, highly trained, with experience in anti-communist guerilla warfare, he was about to embark on the ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • The Truro Murders

    The Sex Killing Spree Through the Eyes of an Accomplice

    by Ryan Green ...
    series True Crime
    The Truro Murders presents the shocking true story of Christopher Worrell, and his accomplice, James Miller. The events in this book unveil one of the worst serial killing sprees in Australian history. Over the course of two months in 1976-1977, seven young women were brutally raped and murdered.Worrell and Miller met in prison, and upon release, developed a dominant and submissive relationship ... Read more


  • The Throwaway Children

    Gritty, heartrending and unputdownable – the story of two sisters sent first to an English, then an Australian orphanage in the aftermath of World War II.Rita and Rosie Stevens are only nine and five years old when their widowed mother marries a violent bully called Jimmy Randall and has a baby boy by him. Under pressure from her new husband, she is persuaded to send the girls to an orphanage – ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • The Bomber Mafia

    A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War

    A “truly compelling” (Good Morning America) New York Times bestseller that explores how technology and best intentions collide in the heat of war—from the creator and host of the podcast Revisionist History.In The Bomber Mafia*,* Malcolm Gladwell weaves together the stories of a Dutch genius and his homemade computer, a band of brothers in central Alabama, a British psychopath, and pyromaniacal ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • The Outback Calls You Back

    One man's journey into Outback Australia rekindles distant memories. Forty two years earlier in 1976, the land was harsh and unforgiving, in 2018 he finds that not much has changed, the land is still harsh and unforgiving, some towns have grown while others have become a ghost of their past. This is the true story of a camping trip to the outback that didn't go according to plan. ... Read more


  • In the South Seas

    The author of Treasure Island shares true stories of his travels in the Pacific in these portraits of nineteenth-century Tahiti, New Zealand, and beyond.Setting sail from San Francisco in June 1888, the author of Kidnapped and other classic adventure fiction embarked on a journey of his own. Having endured periods of illness and isolation in his earlier years, Robert Louis Stevenson was determined ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Secret Life of Lobsters

    How Fishermen and Scientists Are Unraveling the Mysteries of Our Favorite Crustacean

    by Trevor Corson ...
    “Lobster is served three ways in this fascinating book: by fisherman, scientist and the crustaceans themselves. . . . Corson, who worked aboard commercial lobster boats for two years, weaves together these three worlds. The human worlds are surely interesting; but they can’t top the lobster life on the ocean floor.” — Washington PostIn this intimate portrait of an island lobstering community and ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Helmet for My Pillow: From Parris Island to the Pacific, A Marine Tells His Story

    by Robert Leckie ...
    Here is one of the most riveting first-person accounts to ever come out of the Second World War. Robert Leckie was 21 when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps in January 1942. In Helmet for My Pillow we follow his journey, from boot camp on Parris Island, South Carolina, all the way to the raging battles in the Pacific, where some of the war's fiercest fighting took place. Recounting his service ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Sea of Glory

    America's Voyage of Discovery, The U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842

    **"A treasure of a book."—David McCulloughThe harrowing story of a pathbreaking naval expedition that set out to map the entire Pacific Ocean, dwarfing Lewis and Clark with its discoveries, from the New York Times bestselling author of Valiant Ambition and In the Hurricane's Eye.**A New York Times Notable BookAmerica's first frontier was not the West; it was the sea, and no one writes more ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Last Woman Hanged

    Two husbands, four trials and one bloody execution: Winner of the 2015 Davitt Award for Best Crime Book (Non-fiction) -- the terrible true story of Louisa Collins.In January 1889, Louisa Collins, a 41-year-old mother of ten children, became the first woman hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol and the last woman hanged in New South Wales. Both of Louisa's husbands had died suddenly and the Crown, convinced ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

    This extraordinary story of courage and faith is based on the actual experiences of three girls who fled from the repressive life of Moore River Native Settlement, following along the rabbit-proof fence back to their homelands. Assimilationist policy dictated that these girls be taken from their kin and their homes in order to be made white. Settlement life was unbearable with its chains and ... Read more

    $12.39 USD

  • Voyagers of the Titanic

    Passengers, Sailors, Shipbuilders, Aristocrats, and the Worlds They Came From

    “An astonishing work.”—Julian Fellowes, Creator and Executive Producer of “Downton Abbey”“A book well worthy of marking the centenary of the crystal-clear night when the immense ship slid to her terrible doom.”—Simon Winchester, New York Times bestselling author of The Professor and the MadmanIt has been one hundred years since the sinking of the passenger liner Titanic in the North Atlantic, yet ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Final Patrol

    True Stories of World War II Submarines

    by Don Keith ...
    During World War II, the U.S. Navy's submarine service suffered the highest casualty percentage of all the American armed forces, losing one in five submariners. But despite the odds, these underwater warriors accounted for almost 60 percent of Japanese shipping losses, and were a major factor in winning the war. 16 U.S. submarines - and one German U-Boat - that saw action during WWII are now open ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Koins Motel

    The Last Resort

    by D. O'Brien ...
    Set in a seaside Resort Town on the Queensland Coast of Australia amid the glitz and glamour of a millionaire's playground, a tale of exploitation by the wealthy of the disenfranchised, the homeless, the pensioners and the labourers. Of drug dealers, thieves, addicts and street workers.Based on a true story. ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • South

    The Endurance Expedition to Antarctica

    This astonishing memoir of Shackleton's final voyage explores courage, tenacity and unflagging hope in the face of adversity. South remains one of the greatest adventures of the twentieth century.Sir Ernest Shackleton was a pioneer of Antarctic exploration. It was his final ambition to be the first to lead an historic expedition across the continent. Whilst attempting to cross the Weddell Sea, the ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • War Beneath the Waves

    A True Story of Courage and Leadership Aboard a World War II Submarine

    by Don Keith ...
    From the national bestselling author of Final Patrol comes a gripping story of heroism under the sea.In November 1943, while on war patrol in the Makassar Strait, the USS Billfish submarine was spotted by the Japanese, who launched a vicious depth charge attack. Explosions wracked the sub for fifteen straight hours. With his senior officers incapacitated, diving officer Charlie Rush boldly assumed ... Read more

    $12.99 USD