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  • A Daily Devotional: Faith's Checklist (Illustrated Edition)

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon (19 June 1834 31 January 1892) was a British Particular Baptist preacher who remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations, among whom he is still known as the "Prince of Preachers". Spurgeon was to 19th century England what D. L Moody was to America. Although Spurgeon never attended theological school, by the age of twenty-one he was the most ... Read more

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  • The Divine Institution

    White Evangelicalism's Politics of the Family

    The Divine Institution provides an account of how a theology of the family came to dominate a white evangelical tradition in the post-civil rights movement United States, providing a theological corollary to Religious Right politics. This tradition inherently enforces racial inequality in that it draws moral, religious, and political attention away from problems of racial and economic structural ... Read more

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  • Saint Benedict for Boomers

    Wisdom for the Next Stage of Life

    Saint Benedict for Boomers is based on the idea that no one can retire from being a Christian; we are to love God and our neighbor throughout our life. And it recognizes that aging presents us with change, loss, and death, as well as new growth and opportunities for deep gladness and peace. The Christian vocation is valid when we are healthy and strong and when we are weak and sick.Taking Saint ... Read more

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  • Against Heresies and Fragments from the Lost Writings of Irenaeus

    This book comes complete with a Touch-or-Click Table of Contents, divided by each section. Irenaeus was Bishop of Lugdunum in Gaul, then a part of the Roman Empire. He was an early church father and apologist, and his writings were formative in the early development of Christian theology. He was a hearer of Polycarp, who in turn was a disciple of John the Evangelist. Irenaeus' best-known book, ... Read more

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  • Death and the Chapman

    A totally gripping historical crime thriller

    by Kate Sedley ...
    series Roger the Chapman Mysteries #1
    One man’s disappearance is another man’s destiny... The birth of a new medieval detective.The political situation in 1471 is complex and the war between the Yorkist and Lancastrian factions rages on. But for Roger the Chapman, who has recently given up a monk’s cell for freedom to be found peddling his wares on the open road, life goes on much as normal.Until, that is, he gets caught up in the ... Read more

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  • Words of Life

    Jesus and the Promise of the Ten Commandments Today

    by Adam Hamilton ...
    What if the Ten Commandments were not just a set of ancient rules, but a guide to experiencing the good life today?“Adam Hamilton is a teacher of the highest order, able to bridge the gap between very old divine teaching and very current human reality.”—Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Always a Guest: Speaking of Faith Far from HomeNearly everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments, the list of ... Read more

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  • Ivan Illich

    An Intellectual Journey

    by David Cayley ...
    series Ivan Illich: 21st-Century Perspectives #2
    In the eighteen years since Ivan Illich’s death, David Cayley has been reflecting on the meaning of his friend and teacher’s life and work. Now, in Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey, he presents Illich’s body of thought, locating it in its own time and retrieving its relevance for ours.Ivan Illich (1926–2002) was a revolutionary figure in the Roman Catholic Church and in the wider field of ... Read more

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    Witchcraft in Neo-Pentecostal Churches

    Multitudes of sincere and trusting believers are caught unawares in the virtually invisible web of religious captivation in certain Charismatic/Neo-Pentecostal churches.  They are unwitting victims of spiritual abuse, psychological enslavement, and various forms of exploitation perpetrated under the heavy-hand of hyper-authoritarianism.  That is to say, the leadership of the church-group of which ... Read more

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  • Down in the Chapel

    Religious Life in an American Prison

    by Joshua Dubler ...
    A bold and provocative interpretation of one of the most religiously vibrant places in America—a state penitentiaryBaraka, Al, Teddy, and Sayyid—four black men from South Philadelphia, two Christian and two Muslim—are serving life sentences at Pennsylvania's maximum-security Graterford Prison. All of them work in Graterford's chapel, a place that is at once a sanctuary for religious contemplation ... Read more

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  • Christianity

    The First Three Thousand Years

    The New York Times bestseller and definitive history of Christianity for our time—from the award-winning author of The Reformation and SilenceA product of electrifying scholarship conveyed with commanding skill, Diarmaid MacCulloch's Christianity goes back to the origins of the Hebrew Bible and encompasses the globe. It captures the major turning points in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Get Your Life Back

    Everyday Practices for a World Gone Mad

    by John Eldredge ...
    A REFRESHINGLY SIMPLE GUIDE TO RECOVER YOUR LIFE!In Get Your Life Back, New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge provides a practical, simple, and refreshing guide to taking your life back.By practicing a few wonderfully simple practices—or what John calls “graces”—you can begin to recover your soul, disentangle from the tragedies of this broken world, and discover the restorative power of ... Read more

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  • Jesus

    A Revolutionary Biography

    The Controversial, Bestselling Account of What We Can Know About the Life of Jesus ... Read more

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  • Kwame Bediako

    African Theology for a World Christianity

    by Tim Hartman ...
    Kwame Bediako was one of the great African theologians of his generation. Challenging the assumption that Christianity is a Western religion, he presented a non-Western foundation for theological reflection, expanded the Christian theological imagination, and offered a path forward for post-Christendom theologies. Kwame Bediako: African Theology for a World Christianity is the first full-length ... Read more

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  • The Cambridge Companion to American Catholicism

    series Cambridge Companions to Religion
    This Companion provides a comprehensive overview of American Catholicism's historical development and distinctive features. The essays - all specially commissioned for this volume - highlight the inner diversity of American Catholicism and trace the impact of American Catholics on all aspects of society, including education, social welfare, politics, and intellectual life. The volume also ... Read more

    $22.99 USD

  • The Skeletons in God's Closet

    The Mercy of Hell, the Surprise of Judgment, the Hope of Holy War

    How can a loving God send people to hell? Isn’t it arrogant to believe Jesus is the only way to God? What is up with holy war in the Old Testament?Many of us fear God has some skeletons in the closet. Hell, judgment, and holy war are hot topics for the Christian faith that have a way of igniting fierce debate far and wide. These hard questions leave many wondering whether God is really good and ... Read more

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  • On Acquisition of the Holy Spirit

    This edition of Acquisition on the Holy Spirit comes complete with a Touch-or-Click Table of Contents. Saint Seraphim of Sarov is one of the most renowned Russian monks and mystics in the Orthodox Church. He is generally considered the greatest of the 19th century startsy (elders) and, arguably, the first. He is remembered for extending the monastic teachings of contemplation, theoria and self ... Read more

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  • The Orthodox Church

    An Introduction to Eastern Christianity

    by Timothy Ware ...
    Since its first publication thirty years ago, Timothy Ware’s book has become established throughout the English-speaking world as the standard introduction to the Orthodox Church. Orthodoxy continues to be a subject of enormous interest among Western Christians, and the author believes that an understanding of its standpoint is necessary before the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches can be ... Read more

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  • The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

    The Revised and Updated Translation of Sacred Gnostic Texts Complete in One Volume

    The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, edited by Marvin Meyer, is the most complete, up-to-date, one-volume, English-language edition of the renowned library of Gnostic manuscripts discovered in Egypt in 1945, which rivaled the Dead Sea Scrolls find in significance. It includes the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and the recently discovered Gospel of Judas, as well as other Gnostic gospels and sacred ... Read more

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  • The Darkening Age

    The Christian Destruction of the Classical World

    A New York Times Notable Book | A New York Times Book Review Editors’ ChoiceNamed a Book of the Year by the Telegraph, the Spectator, the Observer, and BBC History MagazineIn Harran, the locals refused to convert. They were dismembered, their limbs hung along the town’s main street. In Alexandria, zealots pulled the elderly philosopher-mathematician Hypatia from her chariot and flayed her to death ... Read more

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  • The Story of Christianity: Volume 1

    The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation

    series The Story of Christianity #1
    In this fully revised and updated edition, the lauded church historian Justo González tells the story of Christianity from its fragile infancy to its pervasive dominance at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. The Story of Christianity, volume 1, relates the dramatic events, the colorful characters, and the revolutionary ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries of the church's life and ... Read more

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  • Understanding Jesus

    Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ

    by Joe Amaral ...
    Modern-day Christians often bring their own presuppositions and assumptions to the reading of the Bible, not realizing how deeply their understanding of Christ's life and teachings is affected by a 21st-century worldview. In Understanding Jesus, author Joe Amaral delves deep into Jewish history, societal mores, and cultural traditions, closing the gap created by geographical distance and over two ... Read more

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  • Church in the Inventive Age

    by Doug Pagitt ...
    Many books seek to predict the future of Christianity, but few help usgrasp the opportunities of the current situation and equip us tonavigate the present. Doug Pagitt, author, radio host, and pioneeringleader, does just that, offering fresh, optimistic insights andpractical suggestions. According to Pagitt, the last two centuries canbe divided into four epochs: Idyllic, Industrial, Informational ... Read more

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  • Early Christian Lives

    Written between the mid-fourth and late sixth centuries to commemorate and glorify the achievements of early Christian saints, these six biographies depict men who devoted themselves to solitude, poverty and prayer. Athanasius records Antony's extreme seclusion in the Egyptian desert, despite temptation by the devil and visits from his followers. Jerome also shows those who fled persecution or ... Read more

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  • The Story of Reality

    How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between

    by Gregory Koukl ...
    Biblical Christianity is more than just another private religious view. It’s more than just a personal relationship with God or a source of moral teaching.Christianity is a picture of reality.It explains why the world is the way it is. When the pieces of this puzzle are properly assembled, we see the big picture clearly. Christianity is a true story of how the world began, why the world is the way ... Read more

    $9.99 USD