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  • No Touching At All (Yaoi Manga)

    by Kou Yoneda ...
    On his very first day at a brand-new job, shy Shima is trapped in the elevator with a hungover mess of a guy…who turns out to be his boss! Togawa’s prickly exterior definitely puts the rookie recruit on-edge, but it doesn’t take long before Shima’s every waking thought is invaded by his overbearing yet totally thoughtful superior. Will Shima put aside a history of disappointment in order to take a ... Read more

    $7.95 USD

  • William Shakespeare Complete Works Second Edition

    The newly revised, wonderfully authoritative First Folio of Shakespeare’s Complete Works, edited by acclaimed Shakespearean scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen and endorsed by the world-famous Royal Shakespeare CompanyCombining cutting-edge textual editing, superb annotations and commentary, a readable design, and bonus features for students, theater professionals, and general readers, this ... Read more

    $24.99 USD

  • The Current

    The Current is an allegory that likens the stress on a marriage to the current in a river. The main character, Joan, realizes that her marriage is in trouble. But not all marriages are worth saving. Will Joan fight for Jim? Or is it already too late? ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Tales Of The Dartmoor Pixies

    Tales of the Dartmoor Pixiesby William Crossing"Pixies (also Piskies and Pigsies as they are sometimes known in Cornwall) are mythical creatures of folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas around Devon and Cornwall, suggesting some Celtic origin for the belief and name. In regional dialect, these mischievous little folk are sometimes referred to as piskies/piskeys or the ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Shakespeare-Expositor

    An Aid to the Perfect Understanding of Shakespeare's Plays

    "The Shakespeare-Expositor" by Thomas Keightley. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Deerslayer

    Book 5 - The Leatherstocking Tales
    First published in 1841, "The Deerslayer" (AKA "The Deerslayer: The First War Path"), a novel by American writer James Fenimore Cooper, is the first instalment in his famous Leatherstocking Tales chronologically, though the last to be written. The series follows the adventures of Natty Bumppo, an American frontiersman partly raised by Mohican natives, as he navigates the tensions between the ... Read more

    $0.45 USD

  • Strike Sparks

    Selected Poems, 1980-2002

    by Sharon Olds ...
    From one of our most gifted and widely read poets—the winner of the Pulitzter Prize and the T.S. Eliot Prize—comes a powerful collection of 117 of her finest poems drawn from her seven published volumes.Michael Ondaatje has called Sharon Olds’s poetry “pure fire in the hands” and cheered the “roughness and humor and brag and tenderness and completion in her work as she carries the reader through ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • The Pathfinder

    Book 4 - The Leatherstocking Tales
    Originally published in 1840, "The Pathfinder" (in full "The Pathfinder; or, The Inland Sea") is a picturesque novel by American writer James Fenimore Cooper."The Pathfinder" is the fourth of five novels published as The Leatherstocking Tales, but in terms of the chronological narrative, it is third in the series."The Pathfinder" is a naval story set on the Great Lakes of the 1750s. Fashioned from ... Read more

    $0.45 USD

  • Let Me Clear My Throat


    “A remarkably entertaining and thought-provoking look at the human voice and all of its myriad functions and sounds . . . Wonderful” (Library Journal, starred review).From Farinelli, the eighteenth-century castrato who brought down opera houses with his high C, to the recording of Johnny B. Goode affixed to the Voyager spacecraft, Let Me Clear My Throat dissects the whys and hows of popular voices ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Prairie

    Book 3 - The Leatherstocking Tales
    Written at speed after "The Last of the Mohicans" established Cooper’s reputation, and published just a year later in 1827, "The Prairie", the third published novel of the Leatherstocking Tales but the last in Deerslayer’s chronology, depicts Leatherstocking, now known as the trapper or the old man, in his final days.The setting is the edge of the Great Plains, the time is 1805, and the hero is in ... Read more

    $0.45 USD

  • Arden Shakespeare Third Series Complete Works

    series The Arden Shakespeare Third Series
    This new Complete Works marks the completion of the Arden Shakespeare Third Series and includes all of Shakespeare's plays, poems and sonnets, edited by leading international scholars. New to this edition are the 'apocryphal' plays, part-written by Shakespeare: Double Falsehood, Sir Thomas More and King Edward III. The anthology is unique in giving all three extant texts of Hamlet from Shakespeare ... Read more

    $25.99 USD

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two: The Official Playscript of the Original West End Production

    The Official Playscript of the Original West End Production

    The official playscript of the original West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.It's been nineteen years since Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger saved the wizarding world, and now they're back on a most extraordinary adventure, joined by a brave new generation that's only just arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While Harry grapples with a past ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • The Road Not Taken and other Selected Poems

    by Robert Frost ...
    Robert Frost is one of America's most beloved poets. He won four Pulitzer prizes for his poetry and was invited to read his poetry at John F. Kennedy's inauguration. His life was filled with personal tragedy which his poetry often reflected. Collected here are The Road Not Taken, The Death Of The Hired Man, The Mountain, Fire and Ice, The Generations Of Men, The Grindstone, The Witch of Coös, A ... Read more

    $1.99 USD $0.99 USD

  • On Quality

    An Inquiry into Excellence: Unpublished and Selected Writings

    Featuring long-awaited selections from Robert M. Pirsig's unpublished writings, from before and after Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, an original collection illuminating the central theme of Pirsig's thought: “Quality”“The ultimate goal in the pursuit of excellence is enlightenment." —Robert M. Pirsig, 1962More than a decade before the release of the book that would make him famous, ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • The Old Man and the Sea

    The Old Man and the Sea was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953, and the year after, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Ernest Hemingway in 1954. It was the last major work of fiction written by Hemingway that was published during his lifetime. One of his most famous works, this short novel is already a modern classic. It is the superbly told, tragic story of Santiago, an ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    series Folger Shakespeare Library
    The authoritative edition of Much Ado About Nothing from The Folger Shakespeare Library, the trusted and widely used Shakespeare series for students and general readers.One of Shakespeare’s most frequently performed comedies, Much Ado About Nothing includes two quite different stories of romantic love. Hero and Claudio fall in love almost at first sight, but an outsider, Don John, strikes out at ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Doctor Stories

    A new edition of one of the best books ever written about being a doctor: writing as aware and memorable as Chekhov’s.The Doctor Stories collects thirteen of Williams’s stories (direct accounts of his experiences as a doctor), six related poems, and a chapter from his autobiography that connects the world of medicine and writing, as well as a new preface by Atul Gawande, an introduction by Robert ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • The Complete Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    This ebook contains F. Scott Fitzgerald's complete works. This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you'll find a new TOC that lists all ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • HUSH

    book 1

    by Sandra Raine ...
    Book 1 - The HUSH Series
    **The hottest guy in school just so happens to be my boyfriend.He’s a Senior and the starting Quarterback on the football team.He’s charming, beautiful, an absolute dream.Every girl in school wants him.Every guy in school wants to be him.So I should feel lucky, right?Wrong.Because what no one knows, what no one sees about the hottest guy in school is that he possesses a dark side.And that dark ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Complete Works of Aristophanes (Delphi Classics)

    Book 2 - Delphi Ancient Classics
    The Ancient Classics series provides eReaders with the wisdom of the Classical world, with both English translations and the original Latin and Greek texts. This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works of the Athenian playwright Aristophanes, with beautiful illustrations, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Complete Works of Aeschylus (Delphi Classics)

    Book 1 - Delphi Ancient Classics
    The Ancient Classics series provides eReaders with the wisdom of the Classical world, with both English translations and the original Latin and Greek texts. This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works of Aeschylus, with beautiful illustrations, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Aeschylus' life and ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Book 2 - Robert Louis Stevenson - The Ultimate Collection
    "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", published in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson, is about a man who transforms between two personae: Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde. It is a perfect example of the Gothic genre.The phrase 'Jekyll and Hyde' is sometimes used colloquially to refer to someone whose actions cannot be reconciled with each other.In this story, Mr. Utterson, a lawyer and ... Read more

    $0.45 USD

  • A Christmas Carol

    Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, miserable, bitter old man with no friends. One cold Christmas Eve, three ghosts take him on a scary journey to show him the error of his nasty ways. By visiting his past, present and future, Scrooge learns to love Christmas and the people all around him. ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • King Lear

    series Folger Shakespeare Library
    The authoritative edition of King Lear from The Folger Shakespeare Library, the trusted and widely used Shakespeare series for students and general readers.Shakespeare’s King Lear challenges us with the magnitude, intensity, and sheer duration of the pain that it represents. Its figures harden their hearts, engage in violence, or try to alleviate the suffering of others. Lear himself rages until ... Read more

    $6.99 USD